Firefighting Robot (Urgent)
tawsif from Mauritius  [7 posts]
17 year
dear Steven,
Ive been able to establish the serial communication with my robot but another problem is adding up to my task.
As Ive told u, my aim is to send a Hex code word as soon as the region of interest has been depicted from the image.
the problem is that I am not getting control over my serial port;
when I am including the serial port module in RR,it starts sending the code word whether or not the image haz been recognised.
What I Want is the RR should send /xaa when the image is recognised and /x00 when the camera is not getting the required picture. I am including some of the pictures that I have processed and the program also.
Pleeeeeeeeez, help me out buddy.
Ive got only two weeks left for the presentation of the project.
I'll try to send u a soft copy of my project nxt time to give u an idea of it.

Anonymous 17 year

you were testing the wrong variable. Image_height is ALWAYS the height of the original image. Thus for a 320x240 camera image size it will always be 240.

You probably wanted to test the COG_BOX_SIZE which will vary based on the size of the detected blob. We've include the fixed program. Note that we used a size of 20 which may still be too large but based on the images you provided it seems like a reasonable amount.

Good luck!


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