IP cam and more 3d/range issues
Jostein from Norway  [1 posts]
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Is it possible to connect livestreams form cameras already on the net to RR?
I can't find any references in the faq.

I have a whitebox robot (http://whiteboxrobotics.com/PCBOTs/index.html) which I intend to outfit with a modified stereoscopic camera from http://www.mobotix.com/eng_GB/products/m12d_dualnight_camera_series

This camera has an onboard processor running linux, and is capable of running cgi scripts on the video before transmitting to a pc.

Could the RR scripts run on these directly?

I read the tread about 3d range finding, and I was thinking along the lines of using a laser to provide a reference point for the 2 cameras. that should work for independently moving cameras too, and give a much better stereoscopic effect on images focused on the dot.

I haven't tried the script mentioned in the http://www.roborealm.com/forum/index.php?forum_id=710 thread yet, thoug.
Anyways, first I need to get the images from the camera to RR.
The camera can deliver mxpeg and jpeg streams , you may see a sample here hfss.dyndns.info (I haven't got around to actually purchase a cam yet, but I put this up for work) Any help is apreciated


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