API server, multiple filters
17 year
last time i reported a problem when using the RR API and multiple RGBFilters.
After the first 2 or so it stopped accepting filters. This is now working correctly. However a new problem has arrived:
I cannot insert more then 2 set_variable lines.
I cannot insert more then 3 COG_Filters.
I cannot insert more then 3 Blob_filters.

I really need to use the APi server so i hope these problems are fixed in the near by future.
Anonymous 17 year

Can you include in this posting the example XML that you are sending to RoboRealm that is causing a failure? Perhaps just the set_variable XML to start with would help us understand what is going wrong. I'm sure once we see the XML and can repeat your problem we'll be able to fix it quickly.

Anonymous 17 year
i will do that, but i cant until after the weekend.

But i used the set vars that are created by roborealm it self. Saved it to a .robo file and then used the xml from that file to execute true the RR api. So i dont think they are the problem.

Anonymous 17 year

That would be helpful. We just tried various combinations of set_variable and they all seem to work fine. Note that you should download the most recent version of RoboRealm as we did have a similar problem to what you are describing a couple months ago ... just to be sure that we're debugging using the same version.


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