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How do I use and process images from the simulated webcam in MSRS? What I want to do is shi...
17 year 1 2572
VFW Driver
I am using roborealm and it works fine.  I tried using the API to connect to it via sockets in C# and whenever...
17 year 2 2380
Accessing COG Variables Through MSRS
I'm trying to create a simple ball following program in Microsoft Robotics Studio using a Lego NXT in conjunction with...
17 year 17 4262
Pololu Serial Servo Controller
I was wondering if anyone has or is planning to make a Pololu serial servo controller module for RR. I am using MiniSSC2...
17 year 4 2281
can a servo can be controlled with a simple bluetooth dongle
i have a question and really need a answer... i will use a serial servo controller to a rc car.. can i use a simple blue...
17 year 3 3453
RR on a dual core
I would like to increase the performance of RR, and was wondering in which ways could I do so? I understand the improvin...
17 year 4 2063
No Title
how can i connect to a data base... how to store previously found data on a data base...
17 year 2 3000
Image Matching Crashes
It seems that whenever i try to run any of the matching algorithms, RoboRealm crashes.  Is there something tha...
17 year 6 3431
shape matching a gear
Hi, Is it possible to shape match the gear object as attached (with holes in the body)? I t...
17 year 4 2487
object recognition!!
hey!! i am new to RR and man i cant believe how user friendly it is.. i know it is possible to identify a...
17 year 2 2217
Eye Tracking
Hi! I'm investigating how can I detect the eyes of a person with Roborealm but I don't fo...
17 year 3 2339
data base
is it possible tht we make a folder  which contains pre shot images of a complex object sch as a chair,
17 year 6 2099
i am new to RR , i hav 2 questions.. 1> whr can i lern basic VBscript i dnt knw it... 2&g...
17 year 2 2108
extension windows dll
hey.. i wantd to interface RR with VC++, i dwnloaded the example... SWAPCOLOR, bt it seems now my windows dll icon under...
17 year 2 1927
vc++ based examples
hey could any of you load any example where u r using RR with VC++, i jst want too see hw it wrks..thnks....
17 year 2 2139
Two Logic Orbit work at the same time.
Hello, I'm a new user of roborealm. Now I use roborealm API to control a logic orbit to do...
17 year 4 2155
i wish to add a bit of programming using VC++; i dwnloaded the example... but i could not understand much of it, please....
17 year 2 2229
marker module
i dnt seem to have the marker module.. i dwnloaded it again today from the link on my mail but.... i still dnt have it.....
17 year 2 2106
neural networks
Title: Hand Written Text Recognition System for Visually Impaired Objective: To recognize...
17 year 2 1980
image database:identification
hey; i wanted to use the shape match module to identify shapes from an existing folder, but i cant seem to work it out;...
17 year 4 2021

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