Extensions VS API
Ringo from United States  [18 posts]
17 year
I'm a Hardware guy, but I do C Fw for Pics and some VB on the PC. I'm learning C#, what woudl be easier for me to start with, Extensions or API. I understnad they do different things, but I wnat to start easy.
Anonymous 17 year
As a hardware person, I highly recommend the API.  Typically I use the API to issue commands to and retrieve data from Roborealm. My code then process the data as I wish. The API appears to be accessible from any language, I use Python. I hope my two cents helped.
API vs Extensions
17 year
It will depend on what you are trying to do. The API is used to control RoboRealm. Extensions are used to create new modules to be used in RoboRealm. Most people are just looking to control RoboRealm and thus the API is probably what you are looking for. If you're interested in adding your own specialized filters that others may want to use then Extensions are your best bet.


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