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Hi STeven I have been mulling on sending this for months now, because you I don't want to make extr...
7 years 3 1606
Hi STeven I'm looking at getting this camera to experiment with; ...
4 years 3 960
Cursor hide
Is there a method to hide the mouse cursor? I will be using physical buttons for all functions, and in kiosk mode...
8 years 3 1644
finding screws [2]
It looks like the best approach is to use 'Object recognition' and not Shape match, nor Image match.
8 years 3 1015
Displaying variables [3]
Yippee, it works ! I can see the variables, and the save with disabled items re-opens ok.
8 years 3 1614
finding screws
Can anyone explain how to best go about using image match? In the attached image, I ...
8 years 3 1015
versions [3]
Thanks STeven Works a treat. Roland ...
6 years 3 1086
Hi STeven Is it possible to have two new system variables? I display t...
6 years 3 1086
masking [3]
Ok, thanks for that, but how does one select the image that acts as the mask? On the dropdown selec...
8 years 4 2379
Is there a simple way to integrate the result of a test? When I move my camera to a ...
8 years 4 1705
Hi all My first post here, and new on the program; I'm trying to figu...
8 years 4 2379
Pausing [4]
Of course! Yes, using 'if' I could seperate any command, using any input. Sorry, slow learner... ...
8 years 4 1990
Pausing [3]
Hi Steven Ok, I think I'm still battling with the continous processing concept. I'...
8 years 4 1990
maximized [3]
Hi STeven In startup there is a 'startup in full screen', but that has no border.
6 years 4 1158
How do I get RR to open 'maximised'. I am already using kiosk mode, but it leaves a margin around the edge.
6 years 4 1158
Hi All How do I get RR to wait at a point during filter processing. I want to do som...
8 years 4 1990
OPC server [4]
Hi STeven I have not been able to explore the system in depth yet. It's mostly in use and I can't...
7 years 4 1054
OPC server
Can RR communicate through an OPC bridge ? A customer has a vision system using Ni Vision builder. ...
7 years 4 1054
Fill circle [3]
Hi STeven Yes, that would work too. The reason I mostly want a circle, is like in th...
6 years 4 1851
Fill circle
Hi STeven I often need to mask off areas when using the Blob_filter. It takes ages t...
6 years 4 1851

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