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Time with no camera
I am using RR without a camera, but in this case the IMAGE_DATETIME does not update.
7 years 8 1480
Delete arrghh
Hi The 'Delete' button is right next to the 'Edit' button. Problem is, there is no 'Undo' but...
8 years 9 1217
watch variables
I'm spending most of everyday working with RR, and quite getting used to it, but one feature would be really han...
7 years 9 1849
Delete arrghh [5]
Hi Steven I think the simplest patch would be a 'Confirm delete' since this is a \...
8 years 9 1217
opening error [9]
Ok, I used attached program. see attached pic. This morning, as I said, I tried the ...
8 years 12 1178
opening error [11]
Hi Steven I'm still having the issue of saving a file with some functions disabled,...
8 years 12 1178
opening error [7]
I Don't see a 'test.robo' file if it was meant to be attached. Anyway, I just disabled the last item and saved, re-opened. Se...
8 years 12 1178
opening error [5]
Hi Steven I just got to work, and opened up RoboRealm. This is a seat I got yesterday.
8 years 12 1178
opening error [3]
Ok, I'm attaching the 'error' file. I has just installed the latest version of RR. And don't wo...
8 years 12 1178
opening error
Hi I was just wondering if this is normal; If I'm working with a scri...
8 years 12 1178

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