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no MOUSE_X [2]
Roland, The pipeline expects something in it to trigger a run .. i.e. like a camera capture trigger...
1 month 2 86
Fonts [2]
Roland, This was added just to help some folks see the RR interface text a bit better but did not c...
1 month 2 77
Higher FPS [2]
Roland, Typically when we need something to process at a much faster rate a module will run indepen...
1 month 2 101
RoboRealm TestDll [2]
Christian, If that file is not located where RoboRealm is installed you probably are using the pers...
1 month 2 112
displaying a number [2]
Roland, You mentioned a different solution on another thread (loading in actual image digits as nee...
3 months 2 163
3 camera output on single screen [2]
Amardeep, There are several ways to accomplish this. The easiest is to use the Mosaic module which ...
3 months 3 197
Basler Camera Scan Area Setting [3]
And anything in the Log tab would be helpful too....
3 months 11 331
Basler Camera Scan Area Setting [2]
Amar, What happens when you try to increase the image dimensions beyond 500 on that interface? Do y...
3 months 11 331
Basler Camera Scan Area Setting [11]
Amar, Double check the actual camera speed by unchecking the Run button to ensure you are not runni...
3 months 11 331
Basler Camera Scan Area Setting [7]
Amar, sorry, we didn't see your XML post since it was so large it failed to alert us of your post. ...
3 months 11 331
I have a problem using color correction function [2]
Joy, Thanks for bringing that to our attention. The Edit button was not modifying the correct color...
1 year 2 739
Deleting a Tab [2]
You should notice a little x mark on the far right side of where all the tabs are. If you click on that, it will delete the curr...
1 year 3 901
QR Code read [2]
You need more whitespace around those barcodes. Those are very unrealistic barcodes ... i.e. when viewing barcodes in reality th...
2 years 4 1127
Write Images Module and Timer Module [2]
See the attached. The +5 in the Set_Variable module is what is setting the 5 seconds ... you can increase that as needed.
2 years 2 1109
Python_Program_v3x Module Not Working [2]
Be sure to install the 32 bit version of python if you are running the 32 bit version of RR. The bit sizes need to match.
2 years 2 1052
How to count objects crossing a line(tripwire) [2]
Have a look at http://www....
2 years 2 928
Velleman 8055 [2]
Just for others that might have had the same issue ... any DLL that RR uses needs to be in the same bit depth as the RR version ...
2 years 2 911
programmatically  change variables within a module? [2]
Edi, I'm not sure what you mean as one can change variable values using any of the scripting modules or using the Set_Variable m...
2 years 2 897
Max Value in a array [2]
Edi, The two fields for the sort have to do with working in arrays that have multiple values. For e...
2 years 4 957
Is RR Idle Yet? [2]
Edi, Normally RR is never idle but always processing new images. If you are using it in more of a s...
2 years 3 1360

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