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Ollie by Orbotix [3]
Hi STeven, I don't have an Ollie robot but I was torn between the Sphere and Ollie I wasn't aware o...
3 years 4 667
Ollie by Orbotix
Hey Guys, I was wondering if a module that controls the ollie robot by orbit may be possible to mak...
3 years 4 667
Oculus Rift [5]
Awesome, I definitely will tell you when mine arrives. As they are being built it can take up to 4-6 weeks unfortunately but I w...
5 years 5 727
Oculus Rift [3]
Yes I have looked into that as well (Piping RoboRealm directly into it for viewing) However, the Rift does not just support ever...
5 years 5 727
Oculus Rift
Hello everyone and STeven, I am wondering how RoboRealm might handle displaying a video feed for th...
5 years 5 727
Maginon object tracking using AVM
Hello, I am trying to get my Maginon IP camera to follow the "Learn by movement" object from the ...
5 years 2 766
OWI-535 Robotic arm Edge [4]
Hi Alan Thank you for that its actually a really cool site!! Unfortun...
6 years 8 2832
OWI-535 Robotic arm Edge [2]
Hello, I have just bought an OWI - 535 Robotic arm Edge with USB interface add on. and what i would...
6 years 8 2832
OWI-535 Robotic arm Edge [6]
Yeah thats what i thought..... thank you though and really cool website by the way, i really like ...
6 years 8 2832
Webserver [4]
Hello i can take care of the port forwarding thats ok. as for my seco...
6 years 4 855
Webserver [2]
Hello, Can you please explain a bit more how to use the webserver i now how to design the buttons a...
6 years 4 855
Dream Cheeky Missile Launcher [2]
Hello I would like some help what i am trying to do is control my DC missile launcher
6 years 1 1067
AVM [2]
Hi there its CJ i am still trying to get my nxt to use navigate mode with AVM but the moment i give...
7 years 3 3868
joystick [2]
hi there i was wondering how i can make my triger button (button one) on my jstick control motor c forward on my nxt i gave my n...
7 years 4 1611
joystick [4]
ok here is the robo file thanks for answering by the way...
7 years 4 1611
avm [2]
hi there its cj i just wanted to ask i am trying to use avm with my nxt and i currently have got my robots head on a tunable bas...
7 years 6 1180
avm [6]
But it's a nxt motor and under servos I don't see nxt so I have to use the method above right?...
7 years 6 1180
avm [4]
Thanks so much I finally got it working just had to make a few number changes as the head is moved by a worm gear thanks again :...
7 years 6 1180
script [4]
thank you running it as adminstrator once worked dont know why i didnt come up with that thanks anyways its working now...
7 years 3 1252
script [2]
hi there i just wanted to tell you that i redownloaded the microsoft script that you told me i needed but roborealm still says i...
7 years 3 1252

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