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CJ from Australia  [21 posts]
5 years
Hello everyone and STeven,

I am wondering how RoboRealm might handle displaying a video feed for the Oculus Rift?

Perhaps with a Module that supports it?

Taking the values from the headset and then applying them to say a Pan/Tilt camera seems like a cool Idea or maybe taking those values and using it to drive a robot? While displaying the feed back to the user in Stereoscopic 3D.

So I thought I would open this thread in the hopes that we can share ideas on what you could do with the Rift and RoboRealm.

What are your ideas?

And to STeven:
Would it be possible to add support for the Headset?
Steven from Your Country  [1376 posts] 5 years

Its an interesting thought ... we are aware of that product but didn't think it had much relevance to RoboRealm. As far as I know, the display will be driven by a video signal (most likely HDMI) which would mean that is coming from a video screen of some sort. Assuming that you can just pipe your laptop screen into it, fullscreening RR would get that image to appear in that display ... so its all in hardware and not much that we can do to enable that.

In terms of the positioning information in the device, that's a different story. We could create a module to get that information and use it to control a device ... so in that case its no unlike a joystick. In fact, I'd be very surprized if the device didn't already come with some sorftware that would allow you to make it look like a joystick or some sort of mouse controller. Seems like a good thing to have that do considering how many games would need to be re-written to support a custom device. It would really be in their interest to provide that interface themselves.

So, I'm still not sure there is much for us to do ... but its still a bit early to know all of what this need tech can do. We'll keep an eye on it and see if there is an integration that either they are not providing or one that would enable new capabilities of the device.

Do you have one of these yet? Did you sign up for the dev program?

CJ from Australia  [21 posts] 5 years
Yes I have looked into that as well (Piping RoboRealm directly into it for viewing) However, the Rift does not just support every program you first need to use a program called Deskope to view your screen in 2D in your rift. What I mean is a module in RoboRealm that can take live feed from two cameras (Set up for stereoscopic recording) and then when you put the rift on can view it. For this too happen I believe you have to use the SDK that comes with the Rift.

To your surprise then I don't think the device comes with software to treat it like a controller (I'm not sure why that is) but I believe it will have something to do with the amount of sensors or the type of sensors it contains, that is why there is an SDK to allow programs to capture that information. That is why not many games support it because it will not work with just any game it has to be designed for the Rift natively or have a plugin to allow the rift to be viewed (As it is more or less designed for stereoscopic 3D) so the game has to split the image up into two slightly different images.

That's why I was wondering about maybe a Stereoscopic Module that could use the input from two cameras but I am guessing then that somehow using the SDK it has to made compatible to be viewed on the Rift. And then as for the controls getting the values I suppose will be like any other sensor.

Thank you for replying, and yes I have ordered my Dev Kit but I have not gotten it yet I am expecting it early to mid November if I am lucky. When I do get it, if there is anything I can do to help you guys out I will do my best to do it.

Thanks again.
Steven from Your Country  [1376 posts] 5 years

Ok, then it seems like there may be a reason for integration in this case. I agree that piping two webcam screens into the Rift would be a nice way to get a 3D telepresence viewing. Let me know when you get your Rift and we can try some experiments. We'll see if we can get registered as developers on their site.

CJ from Australia  [21 posts] 5 years
Awesome, I definitely will tell you when mine arrives. As they are being built it can take up to 4-6 weeks unfortunately but I will when it does.

Thanks again,

CJ Wisse

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