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Can you please explain a bit more how to use the webserver i now how to design the buttons and set variables but what i want to do is allow someone on the otherside of the country to use it to control my robot how do i go about this i tried it while running the server and then putting my computer name in front but the person could still not control anything because it says server does not exist. but if i do it on my computer either local host or with my computer name it works does this mean they need the .html file?

also i would like to contol motor a of my lego nxt ofver the server how do i go about doing this i tried set variable and called the motor "mota" but im guessing i need vbscript cause its not working when i try to use the server on my computer.

thanks in advance

Anonymous 6 years

You are probably faced with the issue that the external person cannot access your internal network. Giving them the IP address you have in your network is not going to work. This is a security issue that will require you tweaking your router/firewall in order to direct a request on port 8080 to that particular machine. Helping you to do that is way beyond our ability since we are not familiar with your network or the software running on your router. I'd recommend contacting your router company and asking them how to do "port forwarding" using 8080 to the internal IP address that you have this running on. This is a network configuration issue and not related to RR.

Note that you will be touching stuff that may cause you to open your network to outside attacks.

I'll need more info on your second issue. How are you sending the information to the server from the other machine? Could you include a robofile so that we can better understand what you are doing?

CJ from Australia  [21 posts] 6 years

i can take care of the port forwarding thats ok.

as for my second question well im not really sure see there are buttons on the webpage lets just say up and down this will move motor a its what suppose to be on the recieving side im not sure i dont have a robo file cause im not sure where to start basiaclly the person presses up on the webpage you know the localhost one or the remote access and then what has to be in roborealm to recieve thos messages im not sure what modules i need to use i called motor a "mota" and the butons on the webpage change its value how do i revieve this value and send it to my robot?
Anonymous 6 years

Please read


which will clarify this. Basically you can send values into the RR server and they will become variables like any other. You can use the Watch_Variable module to see these changes when you click on buttons or execute specific urls.

Assuming these values are now variables in RR you would use a module (like Lynxmotion SSC) and in one of the dropdowns for a servo channel you would specify that variable. Thus the browser sends a value to RR, RR then accepts that automatically as a variable (this is inherent in the webserver) and then sends that value to the SSC board using a module that is specific to the board/robot/MCU/etc that you are using.

Its a bit ticky, just break it down into stages (get variable into RR, manipulate if needed in RR, send variable to device) and ensure that the values are being passed from one stage to the next.


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