Dream Cheeky Missile Launcher
CJ from Australia  [21 posts]
8 years

I would like some help what i am trying to do is control my DC missile launcher
I know the DC Module doesnt work Cause DC wont help you guys out in getting them to work. I have however tried to use the USB HID and that works. however i would like to control it over the internet using the webserver and i am guessing i need a vbscript i tried SetVariable "turrent",0 to create a variable and i thought that was all i needed as i will be changing that value through the server the problem is nothing happens these are the values i need to use :

Initialization Sequence:  \33\9\0\0
  Console = Hexadecimal

  Send Now:
    STOP = \2\0

I really need some help in getting this to work as i cant set the variable to a value with dashes in them without putting the value between quotation marks "" but nothing happens in the console.

I did try to make a button interface to and that printed the values in the console but the turrent didnt react unless i typed it in the USB HID itself and pressed send.

Kind regards



i need help accessing the server remotely i tried using my computer name at someone elses house but it said serer not found it did work on my own computer though.

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