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Two cameras - crash the system [3]
STeven, Only when I am exiting the application (cross in the right top corner). The same problem oc...
11 years 3 1759
Roborealm and MATLAB [5]
I think that that's a great idea, if it's possible to use Matlab. I would be really interested in such a possibility, as that ...
10 years 14 8732
RR on Pocket PCs [3]
Hi Steven, Thanks alot for the advice. I like the idea of running a 'transmitter' program from th...
11 years 3 1471
Roborealm and MATLAB [7]
Hi Steven, I will look much more into MEX functions in MATLAB this week and try to figure it out as...
10 years 14 8732
ActiveX interface to RR [3]
Hi Steven, Yes, I have previously use ActiveX to control a number of applications through MATLAB, a...
10 years 7 1902
ActiveX interface to RR [4]
I'm having a bit of trouble with the ActiveX control. I can't find the RR application ID or anything about RR and ActiveX. The...
10 years 7 1902
Lynxmotion SSC control feedback [2]
Is there any way to receive feedback from the lynxmotion SCC-32 through RoboRealm? I can do it through Matlab easily, but it wou...
10 years 7 3051
Lynxmotion SSC control feedback [5]
I've downloaded the new version. Haven't had too much luck. When I run it, how can I get the feedback value, so that the progr...
10 years 7 3051
Sabertooth dual 2x5 controller [3]
It is in the Serial Packetized mode and yet there seems to be no established communication. I don'...
11 years 3 1101
Laser Scanner [7]
STeven, I cannot change the Logitech Fusion exposure time, probably because it is CMOS. Is there a ...
10 years 16 3119
Laser Scanner [9]
Not quiet the same. Here is my one. ...
10 years 16 3119
Laser Scanner [10]
Hi Steven, I got my Logitech Fusion camera few months ago. If you think that it is an older model, ...
10 years 16 3119
Laser Scanner [14]
That's brilliant! It works. It's going 30 fps instead of 6. Thanks to both of you (STeven and Pat...
10 years 16 3119
Point Cloud Analysis [6]
Hi STeven, It sounds like you've got done exactly what I was asking about. I would like to be able...
10 years 9 2585
Editing pixels in the image [4]
Thanks STeven, The Mask idea is much better, and it works Cheers,
10 years 3 1160
Reading an array in API [4]
Yes, that it what I wasn't sure about. I will give it a try. Thanks, ...
10 years 3 1433
Multiple RR instances in API [4]
Hi John, How can I specify another port for the other instance. I change the API Server port from 6...
10 years 14 2388
Multiple RR instances in API [7]
Hey guys, I've tried to run multiple instances of RR using C++ API in many different ways, also th...
10 years 14 2388
Multiple RR instances in API [12]
The only reason I need to run two RR instances using single C program is that one RR instance observes and samples. This is then...
10 years 14 2388
Multiple RR instances in API [14]
Hi STeven, Thanks for your time. I have updated the API and changed th...
10 years 14 2388

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