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Multiple RR instances in API [7]
Hey guys, I've tried to run multiple instances of RR using C++ API in many different ways, also th...
16 year 14 3668
Line Sampling Data [4]
Hi Steven, It used to work just fine with   char buff[50000]...
16 year 5 1865
Line Sampling Data [5]
Actually it only sometimes works briefly. It appears to be having issues with communications. Where should I look into regarding...
16 year 5 1865
Distributor client, transmitting variables [6]
Hi Steven, Have you had a chance to look at the rr files I sent you? I am not sure, but the problem...
15 year 21 2574
Editing pixels in the image [4]
Thanks STeven, The Mask idea is much better, and it works Cheers,
16 year 3 1987
Camera - Allied Vision Tech [4]
Yes, I have tested their Firewire module (Guppy - Bayer colour unit). RR just does not list the camera in the dropdown menu. The...
14 year 3 2028
Multiple RR instances in API [12]
The only reason I need to run two RR instances using single C program is that one RR instance observes and samples. This is then...
16 year 14 3668
Distributor client, transmitting variables [8]
Steven, you're right about the missing 'end_distributor_client' part. I didn't expect it to go missing.
15 year 21 2574
Distributor client, transmitting variables [9]
And here is the client program which is just the 'client modules' and 'watch_variables'...
15 year 21 2574
Multiple RR instances in API [14]
Hi STeven, Thanks for your time. I have updated the API and changed th...
16 year 14 3668
Tracking a ball [3]
There will definitelly be frame rate issues, but anything is possible in a controlled environment. ...
15 year 3 2357
Reading an array in API [4]
Yes, that it what I wasn't sure about. I will give it a try. Thanks, ...
16 year 3 2327
Distributor client, transmitting variables [22]
STeven, It works like a charm. Now I just need to find some time to put into actually making the ro...
15 year 21 2574
Separating touching blobs [4]
STeven, Here are 7 more images for you to test the module with. Hope it helps. There are a couple t...
14 year 7 3842
Distributor client, transmitting variables [11]
Steven, The robofiles work fine when sending & requesting images, but it does jam up when both send...
15 year 21 2574
Color in the lines [3]
I am trying to use GetImage() API function in C++ to extract RBG values at specific coordinates. The coordinates i can get using...
14 year 3 3331
Distributor client, transmitting variables [13]
Well the sample_latch variable, in the server, stops changing once the request and send variables options have been selected in ...
15 year 21 2574
API error message [4]
The RoboRealm location is the same, rr1.open("C:\\\\Program Files\\\\RoboRealm\\\\RoboRealm.exe"...
14 year 4 2158
Lock-in style image processing [3]
Steven, I have managed to implement the lock-in technique. I am modulating an LED array through the...
17 year 4 2819
Recognize Auto-Signs [6]
Hej druze, This is probably how I would approach the challenge. Road signs you are after consist of...
15 year 5 2024

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