Camera - Allied Vision Tech
from Australia  [87 posts]
9 years
I would like to use Guppy, an Allied Vision Technologies camera.

It is firewire connected and it does works. I would like to do image processing but RoboRealm does not recognize it.

Will you be adding Allied Vision cameras to your software?

Anonymous 9 years

We have contacted Allied Vision in hope to become one of their partners. This will help in creating a module that specifically supports their cameras.

I assume you have tested the Firewire module? I suppose that is just does not list the camera in the dropdown? Or do you see another type of error when you attempt to connect to that camera?

from Australia  [87 posts] 9 years
Yes, I have tested their Firewire module (Guppy - Bayer colour unit). RR just does not list the camera in the dropdown menu. There are no reported errors.


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