Reading an array in API
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16 year
Hi STeven,

I have attached a RR program that I would like to transfer into API format in C++. I looked into  the API documentation but have not seen an example of how to deal with an array.

Could you help me convert this program into API (C++). The main problem is reading the "SAMPLE_LINE_POINTS" from RR through API.

Anonymous 16 year

Have you tried to read the SAMPLE_LINE_POINTS using the GetVariable API call? It should return a list of comma delimited numbers.


you can literally use

telnet localhost 6060

and then paste in the above XML line ... a bunch of data points should be returned.

The C++ example has this routine in it as an example. Is this what you were having an issue with?

from Australia  [87 posts] 16 year
Yes, that it what I wasn't sure about. I will give it a try.



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