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Have you made any changes to the SAMPLE_LINE_POINTS data, as my program stopped working since I updated RR. The SAMPLE_LINE_POINTS string cannot be read-in through API, while it used to work.


Anonymous 16 year
Try sending the following string after

telnet localhost 6060


and see if anything prints back from the command line (cmd.exe).

We just tested it and it seems to work for us. Perhaps one of the module before the sample_points is failing and thus the variable is not getting generated correctly?

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Hi Steven,

It used to work just fine with

  char buff[50000];
  rr.getVariable("SAMPLE_LINE_POINTS", buff, 50000);

Other variables such as IMAGE_WIDTH still work fine
  rr.getVariable("IMAGE_WIDTH", readbuff, 64);

As you seem to have changed the SAMPLE_LINE_POINTS to "Integer Array" from "String", is it possible that I need to change something about the getVariable routine for it.

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Actually it only sometimes works briefly. It appears to be having issues with communications. Where should I look into regarding this?

Anonymous 16 year
That would depend on what kind of communication you are using. If you are using wireless then try using a wired connection just to test the software. If you are using wired connection try installing your application directly on the computer. What you're trying to do is to eliminate any software issues. If you can then what you are left with is hardware.

Did you install any applications recently that could cause a connection issue? Try uninstalling those applications and see if the intermittent communication persists.

Once you know it is a hardware issue you will probably need to buy replacement parts. I'd first start with the actual ethernet wire, then move on to the ethernet card. If things still don't work try another machine as perhaps the one you are using has faultily memory or disk or bus.


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