Sabertooth dual 2x5 controller
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16 year

I have installed the sabertooth drivers for WinXP and get the 'Serial to USB Converter' on COM12. So, everything looks fine, but there is no communication between the board and the PC (the bright blue LED is supposed to go dimmer when communication is established). Nothing seems to make RR communicate with the Sabertooth. What am I not doing right?

Is there some form of incompatibility between my PC, RR and Sabertooth? Maybe you can send me your driver files?

Anonymous 16 year

Have you set the dip switches on the Sabertooth to Packetized Serial?

Do you have any other applications that communicate to the Sabertooth that work?

from Australia  [87 posts] 16 year
It is in the Serial Packetized mode and yet there seems to be no established communication.

I don't have any other applications that communicate to the Sabertooth, RR is the only one.


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