Logitech QuickCam Fusion
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16 year

I'm using the Logitech QuickCam Fusion camera. Often the camera image stops working if I change the resolution to higher than 320x240 (freezes or is blank).

I do not think that this used to be a problem, but am not sure. Do you have any ideas to why this is the case?


Anonymous 16 year

Try using another application and see if you get the same behavior.

Also, are you running anything in RoboRealm when you change resolution? If so , what modules and does it happen when nothing is in the pipeline?

Changing the resolution is a rather expensive processing with a lot of DirectX destruction and construction. It is normally a dangerous thing to do frequently. Is there a reason you appear to be doing so?

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When opening through API I need to make sure that th camera is setup to th right resolution & specific exposure time. For larger resolutions it does not set it up properly, even using th camera properties module.

It works fine if I manualy setup th camera. But, I would like th program to open with all th camera settings defined, so it is automatic.
Anonymous 16 year
Ok, do you mean then when you use the API to change the resolution it tends to crash but when using the Options button in the RoboRealm dialog it does not? Just want to clarify the distinction as it makes it easier for us to find out the problem.

Nemanya from New Zealand  [1 posts] 16 year
Hi Steven,

I only open the RR program through API. All the camera settings such as resolution are defined in the RR program using the cam_properties module.

Is there a way to set the resolution and exposure time in API (C++) directly?


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