counting the flames
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Hello all,

I'm working on an installation whit a crowd. The people in the crowd will have lighters, they can turn on and off. I want roborealm to count those lights, and give a value at output. this value has to be from 0 till 20 (there are 20 lighters in the room)

Is this possible? And what would be the easiest way to do this?

from Australia  [87 posts] 15 year
It sounds possible with a few modules 'exponential', 'threshold' and 'circles'.

I would recommend using the forum when you come across challenges in image processing rather then asking for someone to build the entire program.

I would be happy to help you further once you get started. The three modules should give you a great start.

Anonymous 15 year

Nemanya is correct. The best way to approach this is to start with an image and try a couple modules. Perhaps you could include an image here in the forum? Then we could try a couple of modules to see what results we get.

You may also try to use a defocused camera which would create very circular spots which might be easy to detect with the circular detector.


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