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I am using this file to transmit a video stream over the internet to another PC (RR program). The video stream consists of switching between two camera sources, so that images from both cameras a transmitted through the same channel.

This is analogue to a telecommunication protocol where multiple sources (stations) are passed through a single channel, but at a particular time interval. "Time Division Multiplexing".

Here, I use a switching variable as a clock signal so that I know what source the video is originating from at each moment.

Here's my challenge:

In order for me to de-multiplex the video stream into something useful, I need to be able to grab the present image from the video stream (e.g. to RAM). That way, the received video stream can be split into separate sources and I could display the semi-static images using e.g. mosaic.

Hopefully this is a well covered explanation of my intention and a problem.

Would really appreciate your advise and help,

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That sounds like something I need too. I would like to grab a frame and use it slighlty later. But using markers it just reverts to the source rather then the particular frame.
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I think that I might have figured out a way to temporary store an image from a video source. Two steps:
(1) Place a Marker and select the camera source that you are after. (e.g. Marker -> Logitech Cam)
(2) Then, place another Marker straight after (1). Label that one, e.g. Cam1 and select the "Current".

This seems to form a temporary storage of an image which you can use later on by calling up Cam1.

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