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if statement multiple conditions
Hi, In my program I introduced an if_statement, which includes more than one condition (3-4). Apparently, the if_s...
10 years 2 3572
Roborealm stays on
Hi STeven, I noticed that even when I save my .robo files, when I open them up again they a...
12 years 2 3559
Can't change camera resolution
I'm using a bigcatch 5MP camera but am unable to get it to use a higher resolution than the lowest.  When I go to the...
11 years 11 3559
Robotics Connection Serializer Board
Ok, so I have a serializer board from robotics connection that I have connected up to a Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver (C-100-...
10 years 3 3558
Stitching together 2 cameras
Every few months I come back to this, since I feel that stitching together multiple images would be a great way to increase fiel...
10 years 6 3557
Detecting angle of blob
Is this possible, Iím new to roborealm. i want a to detect a blob like see the attachment. When viewing the object...
9 years 6 3542
Vista and the DreamCheaky USB Rocket Launcher
Hello, I have recently tried Roborealm's DC_missile module on a Vista Computer with UAC disabled. Whenever I add the DC_missile...
10 years 5 3537
color value
New to RR (very impressive), so I'm not sure about where or how to post. I have a series of trans...
10 years 13 3537
Media Reader does not open videos in the supported formats
Hi, I am trying to open videos (320x240) using the media reader module. However, they do not run. I...
10 years 8 3535
triangle direction
hi! how can i find a triangle direction using RR? ...
10 years 5 3529
Video Capture Issues
Once i click my camera on button this message appears " Only rgb24, rgb32, rgb555, yuyv, yuy2, uyvy, i420, yv12, y800...
13 years 2 3518
Maping joystick to servos
Hi, Is there a step by step guide to setting up joystick control of the mini maestro servos?...
8 years 4 3507
C++ API & Compiler issue.
Hi, I've started experimenting with the C++ API, however I cannot even seem to compile the...
11 years 11 3502
Tennis ball finder?
Hello, I'm trying to use RoboRealm to detect tennis balls in an image.  My robot uses a...
11 years 5 3500
Roborealm controlling large motors with HB-25 or other motor controller
What I'm trying to do is get a robot capable of carrying a considerable load to follow a person at about walking pace using Rob...
8 years 4 3491
Tracking tennis balls
I'm trying to track tennis balls in a playing field shown in the attached figures. A robot will move around until the closest t...
9 years 4 3488
Lorex LW1020 camera
I just tried to connect another camera, Lorex LW1020. It shows in the list as usbvm326 wireless camera.
10 years 4 3484
Any plans for supporting Apykee...
11 years 14 3472
Server API ?
Hello, Would happen to have any more examples of using the server API. I'm trying to talk to RR using Python....
13 years 4 3471
vbs codeing
ive had a go at makeing a motion tracking turret (and the most dangerous thing that will ever be mounted on it is a soft...
13 years 3 3467

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