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Vista and the DreamCheaky USB Rocket Launcher
Hello, I have recently tried Roborealm's DC_missile module on a Vista Computer with UAC disabled. Whenever I add the DC_missile...
8 years 5 3109
Any plans for supporting Apykee...
9 years 14 3109
triangle direction
hi! how can i find a triangle direction using RR? ...
8 years 5 3106
Face Matching
Hello , i want to develop a application for face detection and matching. i want to us...
5 years 19 3106
RR crash
Hi, I've just downloaded RR yesterday. Everything worked fine except when I try to control my Mindstorm....
11 years 4 3092
if statement multiple conditions
Hi, In my program I introduced an if_statement, which includes more than one condition (3-4). Apparently, the if_s...
8 years 2 3080
More for EDV
Hi, ED, it is Mel. Hope you don't get tired of helping me. Thanks. I am a person with the disease ADHD and I have a hard time c...
6 years 43 3077
Hi, I can get camera images from the old Zigbee on Com Port5 but when I try the interface to drive the motors, I get the message...
8 years 2 3072
MRDS setup
I've just dl'd RR to give it a try and after ollowing the directions under the MRDS docs, I get a bunch of errors after step #...
5 years 3 3064
Underwater ROV serial communication and other questions
Hello all, First I would like to say thanks to the community for helping me get this far in my proj...
5 years 5 3051
Eye Tracking
I have a Trossen Robotics 'RoboTurret Vision Tracking' kit with me. The Kit is successfully interfaced with RoboRealm and able...
6 years 15 3050
Maping joystick to servos
Hi, Is there a step by step guide to setting up joystick control of the mini maestro servos?...
6 years 4 3042
2 axis motion control with stepper motors
Im interested in a 2 axis stepper motor based system that can be controled using the usb or serial port on a standard PC...
10 years 5 3029
Arduino module?
Downloaded 2.24.0. Where is the Arduino module and what does it do? Thanks for such a great product and support! <...
6 years 8 3025
Boe Bot
I am working on a project with a Boe-Bot but I am unable to bring the actual robot home with me. Is there any way to test my pro...
9 years 3 3013
Stitching together 2 cameras
Every few months I come back to this, since I feel that stitching together multiple images would be a great way to increase fiel...
8 years 6 2982
Joystick interface
Hi, Steven I have a problem to pick up the second HID in the RR. I am trying...
10 years 11 2980
Can't change camera resolution
I'm using a bigcatch 5MP camera but am unable to get it to use a higher resolution than the lowest.  When I go to the...
9 years 11 2977
How do I send out the follwing commond from Roborealm serail control Chr$(255),Chr$(6),Chr$(120)
10 years 3 2975
No Title
how to do parallel port in vbs format controlling any of 8ch and this error...
11 years 0 2970

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