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Lorex LW1020 camera
I just tried to connect another camera, Lorex LW1020. It shows in the list as usbvm326 wireless camera.
9 years 4 3285
if statement multiple conditions
Hi, In my program I introduced an if_statement, which includes more than one condition (3-4). Apparently, the if_s...
9 years 2 3277
Server API ?
Hello, Would happen to have any more examples of using the server API. I'm trying to talk to RR using Python....
12 years 4 3272
Blob detection & tracking
Is it possible to detect and track blobs with what is essentially a black and white camera? (It's a bayer filtering cam...
11 years 2 3265
triangle direction
hi! how can i find a triangle direction using RR? ...
9 years 5 3265
Any plans for supporting Apykee...
10 years 14 3261
vbs codeing
ive had a go at makeing a motion tracking turret (and the most dangerous thing that will ever be mounted on it is a soft...
12 years 3 3247
Maping joystick to servos
Hi, Is there a step by step guide to setting up joystick control of the mini maestro servos?...
7 years 4 3244
color value
New to RR (very impressive), so I'm not sure about where or how to post. I have a series of trans...
9 years 13 3241
RoboRealm and MSRS 1.5 VPL
Hi, I am a newbie to RoboRealm and I saw the guidelines for connecting RoboRealm with MSRS...
11 years 8 3235
RR crash
Hi, I've just downloaded RR yesterday. Everything worked fine except when I try to control my Mindstorm....
12 years 4 3234
Stitching together 2 cameras
Every few months I come back to this, since I feel that stitching together multiple images would be a great way to increase fiel...
9 years 6 3229
Red background white circle tracking
Hey guys, ive been trying for days to make a robo file with a redshirt with a big white circle on it to be followed. Anyone can ...
5 years 9 3225
Media Reader does not open videos in the supported formats
Hi, I am trying to open videos (320x240) using the media reader module. However, they do not run. I...
9 years 8 3219
MRDS setup
I've just dl'd RR to give it a try and after ollowing the directions under the MRDS docs, I get a bunch of errors after step #...
6 years 3 3218
Hi, I can get camera images from the old Zigbee on Com Port5 but when I try the interface to drive the motors, I get the message...
9 years 2 3213
TCP/IP Modbus Connection
Hello, I am trying to connect a Universal Robot to Roborealm through the ethernet connector which uses the TCP/IP ...
4 years 21 3211
2 axis motion control with stepper motors
Im interested in a 2 axis stepper motor based system that can be controled using the usb or serial port on a standard PC...
11 years 5 3207
Detecting angle of blob
Is this possible, Iím new to roborealm. i want a to detect a blob like see the attachment. When viewing the object...
8 years 6 3196
Roborealm controlling large motors with HB-25 or other motor controller
What I'm trying to do is get a robot capable of carrying a considerable load to follow a person at about walking pace using Rob...
7 years 4 3195

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