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Stereo (stereoscopic) Vision object detection
I am fairly new to Roborealm so excuse me if I sound stupid. I have two webcams 2.5" (roughly the distance between my eyes) apa...
5 years 7 2943
Roborealm + Sabertooth 2x5 + DB9 - HOW?
Hello Guys! I just recieved my Sabaertooth 2x5 today, unfortunately i've not been able to get it connected to my...
9 years 5 2940
Measuring Depth
Hi, I'm currently working with roborealm to measure some objects in a picture. I want to measure t...
7 years 7 2937
Key Send
How does your key send work? Thanks, Sam R....
9 years 4 2935
Roomba Control
Has anyone else had any luck with getting the seek dock function to work with a Discovery 400 series?...
7 years 14 2935
want to calculate distance between 2 point
how can i calculate a distance between 2 point.example i click the mouse at a and then click the mouse at b..then the distance a...
9 years 5 2932
Robotis Dynamixel module  not discovering servos
I have the CM-700 and set the module to the correct Baud rate, port and in monitor mode but the module never discovers any servo...
7 years 2 2923
Roborealm controlling large motors with HB-25 or other motor controller
What I'm trying to do is get a robot capable of carrying a considerable load to follow a person at about walking pace using Rob...
7 years 4 2918
Image Module Problem
Hello Steven, [image1] [image2] Iím trying to align/regi...
9 years 9 2917
Raspberry Pi + Roborealm
Hi Steven, Is it posibble to install Roborealm in Raspberry Pi?...
6 years 3 2913
ssc control
I'm having trouble with the latest version of Roborealm connecting to my ssc II servo board......it works fine on the v...
12 years 3 2911
Red background white circle tracking
Hey guys, ive been trying for days to make a robo file with a redshirt with a big white circle on it to be followed. Anyone can ...
5 years 9 2907
Obstacle detection with Ping))), Propeller Servo Controller USB & RR
I purchased a Propeller Servo Controller USB (http://www.parallax.com/Store/Accessories/MotorServoControllers/tabid/160/ProductI...
7 years 3 2906
Steven, any chance soon having a module for the arduino board looks kinda simple since SOR AXON board is close to...
7 years 5 2903
Image Calibration
Hello, I am using RR along with ImageJ.  The only r...
11 years 8 2901
Tennis ball finder?
Hello, I'm trying to use RoboRealm to detect tennis balls in an image.  My robot uses a...
10 years 5 2891
Anybody home???
Hello? Hello? Hello?...
12 years 2 2885
Object recognition or fiducual?
Hi, I am using RR on my robot to identify markers on a path so that the robot knows where it is. The...
6 years 6 2876
New Object Recognition Module
Steve, Wow! Thanks for the new Object Recognition Module. I've been playing around with it to reco...
7 years 5 2865
AVM Navigator v0.7.3 is released
Navigator package is updated now and you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.3 from your account link.
6 years 18 2865

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