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Separating Roborealm Data in Arduino
Here is my problem. I am not that familiar with programming arduinos and I want to use the microcontroller rather than vbscript...
7 years 6 3158
Question about older freeware version of RoboRealm
Is it ok to redistribute the older version that is freeware? I still have a copy on my computer. Because it was never a version...
7 years 8 3156
communicating to nxt over usb, and variables?
hey again, my bot is stationary, I would like to use usb, but I also have a program running on my nxt that controls precise moto...
10 years 11 3155
Calculate Angle of an Arrow
I am trying to calculate the angle of an arrow (with respect to an angle pointing upwards). These are the images I am using for...
9 years 2 3150
How do I send out the follwing commond from Roborealm serail control Chr$(255),Chr$(6),Chr$(120)
11 years 3 3141
Steven, any chance soon having a module for the arduino board looks kinda simple since SOR AXON board is close to...
7 years 5 3140
Roborealm + Sabertooth 2x5 + DB9 - HOW?
Hello Guys! I just recieved my Sabaertooth 2x5 today, unfortunately i've not been able to get it connected to my...
9 years 5 3132
Roomba Discovery Sensors
Hello, I'm using this with my Roomba. The Controls work fine, however the sensors are not correctl...
7 years 11 3129
"state" variable"
in both tutorials "orienting the lego roverbot" and "adding vision to the lego nxt",  the variable "state...
12 years 4 3128
RD02 Devantech
Hey Steve, How I can to connect the RD02 Devantech Kit with RR?. Can you or somebody to help me. I have Arduino Di...
7 years 4 3125
No Title
how to do parallel port in vbs format controlling any of 8ch and this error...
12 years 0 3121
Blob tracking module MISSING!
I have had RoboRealm for almost a year but only just started using it. I was looking at the Blob section of the modules and thou...
9 years 5 3121
parallax servo controller(usb) problem
We are building a robot for a school project, so we bought a parallax servo controller(usb) to control our engines.
8 years 8 3115
Robotis Dynamixel module  not discovering servos
I have the CM-700 and set the module to the correct Baud rate, port and in monitor mode but the module never discovers any servo...
7 years 2 3114
Object recognition or fiducual?
Hi, I am using RR on my robot to identify markers on a path so that the robot knows where it is. The...
6 years 6 3114
Image Module Problem
Hello Steven, [image1] [image2] Iím trying to align/regi...
9 years 9 3111
New Object Recognition Module
Steve, Wow! Thanks for the new Object Recognition Module. I've been playing around with it to reco...
7 years 5 3102
Lynxmotion SSC control feedback
Is it possible to get servo position feedback, so that one could know if the move has been completed and what position i...
10 years 7 3096
Key Send
How does your key send work? Thanks, Sam R....
9 years 4 3096
VB - Getting the captured image into a picture
I see how to save an image to file using VB. I don't see how to get the pixels into a picture box or image box. Can you...
12 years 2 3095

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