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RoboRealm setup for MSRDS does not work
I have followed the instructions in "RoboRealm setup for Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (MRDS)" several times.  ...
7 years 8 3239
Distance between edges
Is there a way to determine the distance (in pixels) between 2 edges? For instance: &n...
10 years 5 3225
Blob Segmentation and Filtering : Human Targets
Hi, I have been using the movement module to track a single target. It is now my goal to track more than 1 target, starting firs...
6 years 11 3206
One of my many projects is a robot I call “The GardenBot”.  I’m building this for my wife, Carol to work around the ya...
5 years 4 3204
Blob detection & tracking
Is it possible to detect and track blobs with what is essentially a black and white camera? (It's a bayer filtering cam...
10 years 2 3195
Vision based PID Control
1)   I am thinking about making soccer playing robots. The vision system gives me about 5.5 FPS due to the demanding c...
8 years 6 3194
Video Capture Issues
Once i click my camera on button this message appears " Only rgb24, rgb32, rgb555, yuyv, yuy2, uyvy, i420, yv12, y800...
11 years 2 3187
Using the new GPS module
I'm planning an autonomous boat project and am considering using RoboRealm for the guidance system using the new GPS Reader mod...
6 years 8 3181
Face tracking
Hello, i'm trying desperately tracking a face with RoboRealm. try with color filters...
6 years 12 3174
RoboRealm vs. OpenCV
I’m searching for a program for vision processing and I can’t decide which program to choose. Please help me by telling...
10 years 4 3166
Lorex LW1020 camera
I just tried to connect another camera, Lorex LW1020. It shows in the list as usbvm326 wireless camera.
8 years 4 3164
about using the mcu communicator
looking to use the communicator for a atmel AT91SAM9XE128-QU its the one on NEATO XV -11 robot to control on-board...
6 years 6 3146
RoboRealm and MSRS 1.5 VPL
Hi, I am a newbie to RoboRealm and I saw the guidelines for connecting RoboRealm with MSRS...
10 years 8 3130
vbs codeing
ive had a go at makeing a motion tracking turret (and the most dangerous thing that will ever be mounted on it is a soft...
11 years 3 3126
Robotics Connection Serializer Board
Ok, so I have a serializer board from robotics connection that I have connected up to a Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver (C-100-...
8 years 3 3126
srv1 motors control
hi steven, my name is fabio and I want to ask your help because I'm using roborealm for the thesis at the University and I'm w...
7 years 7 3122
AVM Object Recognition
When I use the AVM plugin I, having problems accessing the variable NV_ARR_OBJ_IDX. I'm trying to get RoboRealm/AVM to recogniz...
7 years 3 3120
Roborealm and Vb.net
Please Help Me.... This is my activity in school. I presume you have some coins in your currency. I...
5 years 6 3119
Feed RoboRealm webserver video to FRC SmartDashboard
FRC SmartDashboard has a simple FFmpeg grabber extension (VideoStreamExtension) that can read mjpeg streams from a web server UR...
4 years 8 3118
Server API ?
Hello, Would happen to have any more examples of using the server API. I'm trying to talk to RR using Python....
11 years 4 3114

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