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I'm trying to get the Hauppauge PVR-150, which is a very popular card, to work with RoboRealm, but nothing's showing o...
10 years 7 2810
Multiple Variables Request
Hi Can you outline the format of a single request for multiple variables? I would like to ge...
11 years 4 2809
Human Movement Detection
Hello I am working on a project that requires me to model the background of a WebCam stream which...
8 years 6 2808
C# questions
I can start the camera and set up a green filter using rr.execute("<head><version>1.50</ve...
10 years 10 2807
Red background white circle tracking
Hey guys, ive been trying for days to make a robo file with a redshirt with a big white circle on it to be followed. Anyone can ...
4 years 9 2806
Hi I have another question: I use set_variables to set variable "command" of value "Pose 1" (which is from lynxmotion_seq in...
8 years 8 2801
object tracking with Parallel Port control without servo motors
thank u again for your replay but try to undertsand what i need sorry for my spelling but i do not have servo motors lik...
10 years 1 2798
VBScript Byte Variable
The code won't run if I put Dim name As Byte to declare a var...
9 years 3 2792
Traxster II Module + Serial Communication
I'm using a Traxster II chassis with a Serializer WL 3.0 controller from Robotics Connection with RoboRealm (purchased). &...
7 years 6 2789
Is this the way to go? Obstacle avoidance
My mobile robot has a forward facing camera for obstacle avoidance and path finding. I want to implement this logic. If there is...
7 years 8 2786
Blob tracking module MISSING!
I have had RoboRealm for almost a year but only just started using it. I was looking at the Blob section of the modules and thou...
8 years 5 2774
Question about older freeware version of RoboRealm
Is it ok to redistribute the older version that is freeware? I still have a copy on my computer. Because it was never a version...
6 years 8 2774
Controlling anoteher pc via USB
Hello, i am looking for a way to control another pc via USB, a bit like the pc with roborealm was a USB keyboard....
7 years 2 2772
Shape Matching Problem?!
I am new in robo realm, but i think there is a problem with shape matching, i have 5 forms. 3 arrow...
7 years 9 2772
first try: interfacing with parallax servo controler
Hi all, I have read through the tutorial on the web controlled camera.  I want to do something s...
10 years 8 2766
VB Script array
Hi I am using RR in a slightly diferent way to most by reading the forum. I am using it for...
10 years 4 2764
Calculate Angle of an Arrow
I am trying to calculate the angle of an arrow (with respect to an angle pointing upwards). These are the images I am using for...
8 years 2 2762
SimultanalusMy Program and RR
Hi, Another question ! How to use my program on my RCX2 and RR simultaneously...
11 years 3 2756
Lynxmotion SSC control feedback
Is it possible to get servo position feedback, so that one could know if the move has been completed and what position i...
9 years 7 2754
Tiff Format Issue
The image files are not going through.  Is there an email I could send samples to.
11 years 6 2752

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