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FT232RL USB to Serial
I used to be able to control the motors with the RoboRealm DE_Sabertooth. Since then 2 things have changed. I changed th...
13 years 10 4659
Getting RR video to interface with smartphones
I can't get my Roborealm video streaming webpages to show video on various smart phones.  I can get commands to my ro...
10 years 8 4650
Tracking Object with camera movement only
Hy !!! I have a SSC-32 (servo controller) with two servos 180o (not continuous rotation servos). An...
11 years 3 4632
Re: RR Crashing With Parallax USB Servo
Hi I have just downloaded RR and when I select the parallax modulal and then select the com port the program crashes and...
13 years 7 4620
Region of Interest (ROI) ideas
Hi STeven and other RoboRealm experts, I'm trying to find the best method for sampling a region of...
11 years 13 4597
about using the mcu communicator
looking to use the communicator for a atmel AT91SAM9XE128-QU its the one on NEATO XV -11 robot to control on-board...
9 years 6 4531
Controlling LED through parallel port
This is my first experiment with Roborealm. It is very simple i just want to control LED from from parallel port using Parallel_...
10 years 4 4519
Webcsm with Zoom Facility
Hi, Anyone suggest me the webcam with zoom facility.I need to control the zoom through software.I n...
10 years 10 4518
open COM ports in VBScript Program
Hi, I tried to read data from COM1 RS232 with the serial module. Attached to the COM port i...
12 years 20 4500
Send variables to NXT in real time - use of mailboxes via USB
Hi all, got a question for you guys. For the look of it, it seems that one can make use of mailbox...
10 years 11 4497
Multiple camera problems
I've got 2 identical webcams, that use the Microsoft camera driver on Vista 64. They both work individually in Roborealm (i can...
10 years 15 4476
Variable time limit?
How would i tell roborealm to do something for x amount of time. Example, Tell move=16 for 5 seconds. Then wait 5 Seconds....
11 years 14 4460
Low-light integration and bright pixels
Image integration under low-light conditions with uncooled CCD's produces a few very bright (noisy) pixels (exam...
14 years 8 4454
Shape detection!!!
Hi, How to detect the shape in image "a" from the shapes in image  "b" and ho...
13 years 4 4450
Vision command compatible with NXT Brick?
Vision command compatible with NXT Brick?...
14 years 4 4449
Face Matching
Hello , i want to develop a application for face detection and matching. i want to us...
8 years 19 4414
People counting
A few months ago we had some discussion here in the forum regarding the possibility to accurately count people moving in and out...
10 years 5 4407
Path Finder (Ceiling camera0
Hello First of all I would like to thank you for developing this awesome software. I...
11 years 11 4393
Generic HID device control from RoboRealm (plus wiimote)
The Dream Cheeky Missile Launcher and USBCar are two examples of HID devices that Roborealm can control.  Rath...
9 years 9 4392
AVM Navigator v0.7.3 is released
Navigator package is updated now and you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.3 from your account link.
8 years 18 4390

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