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use one of two cropped windows [2]
hi Steven, Is there a way to choose a cropped window from a choice of two...
12 year 3 1869
Switch on/off Serial Module
Hi, I have an very occasional problem that stops my Pic (crash). The cause is unknown but if I can ...
11 year 4 2027
Start Pipeline with speech [2]
I wish to start the RR pipeline when  I say "Start" but not sure of the VB syntax to use that stops the pipeline unt...
11 year 3 2792
Speak within an if Statement
Hi, I seem to have a problem with an If statement. When I place Speak within the If statement , no speech is heard...
8 year 2 2256
Servo 2500-0 to 180-0 VBscript
I found one of your example camera blob tracking robo files and is very near for my requirements. one problem for ...
6 year 3 1984
See Variable in View_Variables not correct in VB [2]
In my pipeline I have 2 sections of image  process. On the second process I use the Blob_Filter with the...
11 year 1 1602
See Variable in View_Variables not correct in VB [2]
Sorry forgot to attach the Robo file. Please could you help me understand what I have done wrong. <...
11 year 3 2005
Reduce amount of Write Image [2]
Hi Steven, I have attached my Robo file, I would like save every 10th picture written to file.
11 year 3 2577
Read Http crash [2]
I am having problems on the Lan. I select Read Http and which is a mjpeg...
12 year 3 1729
Multi email accounts
Is it possible to have multiple individual  email accounts where any one may be singularly and automatically &nbs...
10 year 4 2533
image recognistion with response [2]
Hi, I am new to Roborealm and knocking on a bit so treat me gently.. My problem is that I need to id...
12 year 9 2112
Handshake on serial data [2]
Hi, I am using the RR server and passing key button action using the default "move" variable to m...
11 year 6 2537
Display Serial Data
Hi, I have serial data displayed but it flashes on and off at the at the serial data refresh rate. I...
9 year 5 3637
Display data from Pic [2]
Is it possible to display the data from the Pic. I can see the PIC data I have got it to send in t...
12 year 6 3288
Cropping problems
I have just downloaded the Robo update and experiencing some funny effects on the Crop Module. When...
10 year 3 2881
Hi Steven, I have a outdoor camera that pans quite a large area and looks for boats at anchor after...
9 year 4 2545
AVM Navigator input sources [2]
Hi, Just experimenting with AVM. Does AVM allow video inputs from the Read_HTTP , whe...
12 year 8 2364
AVM [2]
Hi, Is it possible to just show the object name only rather than both the object name and highlight box..also can ...
12 year 8 2729
AVI [2]
I am having a problem using the load avi or save avi modules. I get an error on read that says "Pl...
12 year 2 3013
Auto start Write Image on starting of RR [2]
Hi, Can  the "Write Image" auto start when RR is started without manually pressing Star...
11 year 3 2684

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