Read Http crash
John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts]
12 year
I am having problems on the Lan.

I select Read Http and which is a mjpeg on demand stream. I have tried changing the demand in RR with no improvement.

Two seconds after placing in the Pipeline I experience a crash, during that two seconds no image is seen. I can though see the jpeg in a browser.

"An unhandled win 32 exception occured in RR .exe [4416]"

I can though take jpeg streams from internet sources.

Any idea as to what the problem may be.

Windows 7, 64 bit, i5
Anonymous 12 year

What device are you connecting to? An IP camera? Which model?

Most likely it is returning a jpg format or meta data that is not understood by RR or one of its image decompression dlls. If we know what device it is we can try to replicate this issue and provide a correction.

If you can also forward the


that should have been generated as part of the crash that will help isolate the issue too.

John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts] 12 year
Hi Steven

I was trying to take the stream off Image Salsa run on another computer on the Lan. I can take the stream from the other side of the server (WWW) no problem just wanted to speed the connection rather than go through the Internet.

I will try again and get the log file, though I have since attacked the problem from another direction which will actually be an improvement on any of the above..see PM I sent..

So no big issue for now but will try and replicate the problem I experienced..

Thanks again for you response.


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