John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts]
12 year
I am having a problem using the load avi or save avi modules.

I get an error on read that says "Please ensure the file exists or is playable"
This file though is playable on WMP

Using Write avi it does allow write to the default root C:\test.avi as I can see the frame count and the file can be seen when browsing for saving in another location..BUT.. I can not see the file is I go direct C: root, all hidden files are allowed.
If I right click the file through the write avi window and choose properties then  look further the file has no ownership when I try to use my admin to take ownership I can not though RR asks to change something and requests to be allowed which I did...still no luck

On Read the default c:\ test.avi which it has saved though only proven by the write window frame counter still says does it exist or is it readable..........

Windows 7 64bit.....I presume it is a windows setting any help please.

Anonymous 12 year

Yes, most likely a restriction on writing file to the root.

Just change the folder in the write path of the AVI Write module to something that you can write to .... perhaps a temp folder or your desktop? That should take care of most of your issues.


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