Reduce amount of Write Image
John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts]
11 year
Hi Steven,

I have attached my Robo file, I would like save every 10th picture written to file.
As it is now all works OK but my captured file is too big for what I require.

I have tried to control the captures using the PIC to send a command "TAKE" but when the "IF" statement is set it ignores the command even though seen on the Variables.

All other commands from the PIC using the serial comms work OK

Also if I narrow the window of capture less than it is now in the "If" statement it again is ignored.

My boat tracking is working great with only a few drops, so full marks on this excellent software.

Just out of interest is there anything that may be added to the "Write_image" giving a choice of how many you wish to save..eg,every 5 or 10, may be help full for others...just a thought.


All previous posted problems are now OK as using Voice start was really not required...OTT...:-)

from United States  [60 posts] 11 year
You can implement this similar to how I control the size of the AVI file in the attached program.

The variable last_frame is set to the current time at the start of the pipeline. An IF checks if last_frame is now less than 5 minutes ago, i.e. older that 5 minutes. In the IF last_frame is now set to the current time and the AVI capture is restarted, creating a new AVI file.

My purpose was to save the video of my robot periodically so when the inevitable crash occurs I at least had the video up to within 5 minutes of the crash. Very frustrating to have run the robot around for an hour only to lose all the video. This prevents that problem.

John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts] 11 year
Hi Rud,

Never thought of that, very nice idea.
I will give it a try tomorrow, as you say either a system crash or is my case I had 13gig...have you tried to delete 15g, 1 hr send to the recycle bin and 1hr to empty it..........lost the will to live....:-)

It would be nice just to have a frame save choice in the module but I will try your idea.

Cheers John

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