DLink Internet Camera

The DLink Internet Camera module provides an interface to the DLink camera series. This module is similar to the HTTP Read in that it reads images over the internet but also provides an easier interface to the DCS900 and pan/tilt capabilities for the other DLink cameras. Note that when accessing cameras over the Internet there can be significant delays when panning or tilting the camera. Keep in mind the delay when using those buttons otherwise you will overreact the movement.



1. IP Address - specify the IP address of the camera that you would like to connect to.

2. Port - If you are using a different port number than port 80 specify that port number here.

3. Username - the username for HTTP authentication access.

4. Password - the password for HTTP authentication access.

5. Refresh Freq - how quickly the system should request new images. This will allow you to reduce the Internet traffic of the streaming video if you don't need rapid updates. Default is "As Fast As Possible".

6. Camera Type - select which camera type you are connecting to. For disabled cameras (DCS 5300, DCS 3220 and DCS 1000) please contact us with a Internet accessible IP address to such a camera. Having access will allow us to QA the interface and enable that functionality.

7. Manual Position - use the buttons to move the camera as appropriate. The red center button will move the camera home.

8. Zoom - manual zooming

9. Focus - manual focusing.

10. Iris - manual iris change.

11. Movement Variable - the variable that contains the commands that will move or change the camera attributes. The following values within the variable will create the following movements:

0 = stop
1 = up
2 = down
4 = left
8 = right
16 = home
32 = tele-zoom
64 = wide-zoom
128 = near focus
256 = far focus
512 = open iris
1024 = close iris

12. Speed - manual or variable setting of pan, tilt, zoom and focus speeds. or variable zooming. Either select a manual speed from the dropdown or specify a variable that will contain the required speed. Note that the valid values are from -5 to 5. Values higher or lower will be truncated appropriately. You can use the variables to specify speeds in order to quickly make coarse or fine adjustments to the position of the camera instead of successive sequential small movements.

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