TRENDnet Internet Camera

The TRENDnet Internet Camera module provides access to TRENDnet TV-IP201 Internet cameras such that you can capture the image from the Internet into RoboRealm for further processing.



1. IP Address - Enter the IP address of the camera you wish to processes

2. Port - Enter the port number used to access the camera

3. Username - If you have specified authentication for your camera enter the username here

4. Password - If you have specified authentication for your camera enter the password here

5. Refresh Freq. - If you just need a frame every once in a while specify that frequency here. This will allow you to reduce the Internet traffic of the streaming video if you don't need rapid updates. Default is "As Fast As Possible"

6. Camera Type - Select the camera model you are connecting to. Note that the IP422 is the only camera that supports pan/tilt capabilities.

7. Manual Position - use the buttons to move the camera as appropriate. The red center button will move the camera home.

8. Movement Variable - the variable that contains the commands that will move or change the camera attributes. The following values within the variable will create the following movements:

0 = stop

1 = up

2 = down

4 = left

8 = right

16 = home

9. Preset - select the variable that contains the preset number to go to or just click on one of the buttons manually to change the camera position. Note that you can use the preset locations to move the camera to known locations quicker than using the movement variable above which preforms a relative incremental move.

10. Start Button - To actually start streaming the video press the START button

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