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API Execute Problem [9]
We added the 16:9 formats to the Mosaic module ... but you can also just type in the sizes too. The listed formats are just a sh...
5 years 9 1422
Edge Detection for laser trimming [3]
Michael, You must be a cat person? Yes, something along those lines ca...
5 years 2 708
No, your battery is probably ok. What happens when you unplug the laptop is that your computer goes into power saving mode. You ...
5 years 2 629
How to make the connection with the automat [3]
See if the attached gets you closer to what you want. STeven....
5 years 3 1314
AX-12a ball picker [9]
What dll file are you referring to? STeven....
5 years 8 1161
Tracck eye with arduino [3]
Sav, While we know about the CMUCam we've not worked with it directly. Unless you are sending back...
5 years 2 644
how to link C++ program and telnet program? [2]
You should have a look at the API and the example downloads that show how to do what you ask in many computer languages. Pick on...
5 years 2 847
New trial version? [3]
Yea, we've tried to get on the whitelist for Norton but that doesn't seem to have done much. It is only a warning and not an a...
5 years 3 655
Resulting image size [2]
Huckleberry, Not necessarily. The image is shrunk in the middle to make up for the expansion on the...
5 years 6 1227
Resulting image size [3]
Cancel that last post, I think we understand what the problem is. We'll make a correction and upload a newer version.
5 years 6 1227
roborealm error [2]
Yes, the file is configured to look for a servo controller hardware board. The message is indicating that this connection could ...
5 years 2 722
Resulting image size [5]
As in you want to turn the bottle to get a couple shots and then merge them all together? Can you include 2 more shots from eith...
5 years 6 1227
Ai Ball WiFi Camera [2]
Should work. We're trying to order one but having problems with the delivery address (apparently we don't exist!) but I think ...
5 years 3 2405
Maximum output filesize for Write_AVI [3]
Carl, You are correct ... there is a limitation of Write_AVI in terms of size. That's not somethin...
5 years 4 1148
parallel port [2]
In that same interface, do you see where the Variable dropdowns are? Just type in a word (like pin13value) and that will set tha...
5 years 6 1410
Display Line [7]
Try the attached. Note, you'll need to download the latest version for the video to play.
5 years 6 1760
Purchase licence [2]
Patrick, The license is attached to a specific download link. Like when you request a trial, you ar...
5 years 2 655
Handwriting/Signature Detection/Extraction [2]
Eric, We've not done this under room conditions which is probably quite tricky to do. Given that u...
5 years 2 677
border detection [3]
Madhav, See if the attached gets you any closer. If you still have problems, include both images th...
5 years 3 1777
Multi object tracking and triggering [5]
Ok, try the following instead: if GetVariable("SCRIPT_COUNT") = 0 then
5 years 12 2774

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