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parallel port [4]
If you set the bit number (ie. select 1 in the bit dropdown) then you should get a clean 1 or 0. ST...
4 years 6 1200
RoboRealm Lagging WIth Arduino [2]
Brandon, Couple things to try: 1. Remove the
4 years 4 606
Can RR run steper motor ? [2]
Sam, It might be possible but it will really depend on what hardware you have and how the communica...
4 years 2 612
detection and count of parked car [2]
Quentin, What I would try is to instead detect the presence of the ground instead of a car ... and ...
4 years 2 678
Multi object tracking and triggering [7]
Aman, No, we intentionally used list(0) as I HIGHLY recommend you process one object at time. The p...
4 years 12 2460
RoboRealm Lagging WIth Arduino [4]
Couple things you will need to do/check: 1. What is the fps you are getting on RR running on your p...
4 years 4 606
RoboRealm+arduino Serial to integer [2]
What you are using to send the information to the arduino? It seems strange that you are sending 4 byte ascii characters ... are...
4 years 4 1729
RoboRealm+arduino Serial to integer [4]
Can you post your robofile? STeven. ...
4 years 4 1729
Installation Problem [2]
Yes, it looks like you got a bad download. Use your original link again and download a fresh copy. It should be about 6.2megs. I...
4 years 2 611
RTSP video image in RoboRealm [2]
According to the  user manual ...
4 years 5 1572
Fiducial Orientation. [2]
Daniel, Could you include a couple of the same images but without any text/green outline? Your imag...
4 years 5 1175
do i have to put codes ...? [2]
Sam, I assume by cods you mean codes which you actually mean a form of programming languge? If that...
4 years 2 563
RTSP video image in RoboRealm [5]
Richi, Thanks for the detailed help. Interesting in that the port they...
4 years 5 1572
Tracking Person Shirt striped RGB [2]
As mentioned in the other post, have a look at ...
4 years 2 704
Human Following [4]
I'd recommend a striped T-shift with at least 3 colors either vertical or horizontal. Then you'd be detecting those 3 colors n...
4 years 4 999
Visual basic interface [4]
Dave, There isn't an explicit document for VB but if you have a look at the test.vb file there are...
4 years 7 1446
Converting webcam into NDVI camera using VBScript [2]
Aman, Yes, that should be possible assuming you have the right filters. The RGB red is not a proble...
4 years 4 1534
lego rcx 1.0 ir tower [2]
Not sure, I assume you've tried and had it fail? The last time we dealt with the RCX (quite a whil...
4 years 2 1499
Converting webcam into NDVI camera using VBScript [4]
Nope, IR is read like the RGB image, i.e. IR signal just makes the pixel higher intensity when the IR filter is removed so it is...
4 years 4 1534
Get 2 variables from Serial to arduino? [2]
You can do this several ways, the easiest is just to use an IF_Statement module in RR to set your distance to zero based on the ...
4 years 3 1175

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