Multi Kinect and Multi Tracking
Maxime from United States  [4 posts]
7 years
Hello everyone

I am trying to use two kinect in the same time in RoboRealm. But is not working, the second kinect isn't detect.

My second problem is that the Kinect for Xbox works greats but the Kinect for Windows don't works.

My ultimate goal is to save the data for the depth sensor and save the position of different point track by the kinect. Then I will merge the two point cloud in Rhinoceros with the help of Grasshoper3D and the tracking made previously.

Thank you in advance for your time
Maxime from United States  [4 posts] 7 years

I solve partially be myself one of my problem. I succeed to make works the two type of kinect : Kinect Xbox and Kinect for Windows. I use the command Microsoft_Kinect and OpenNI_Kinect. But for the kinect for windows a can have access to higher resolution of the camera.
Here is the result :


I try again to plug multiple kinect on one computer but each time I get error. Someone has already succeed to use multiple kinect ?

Thank you for your answer.

Steven from United States  [1425 posts] 7 years
You could try the OpenNI2 module and the Kinect drivers from Microsoft. That would be the best bet to have 2 run on one machine at a time. The OpenNI2 module is a recent edition.

Maxime from United States  [4 posts] 7 years

Thank you for the answer. I have some improvement. Now the two type of Kinect  works with the same module. But it still not working with two.

I now is possible because I already succeed in Proccessing with the Windows driver (the same the module use).

I also try with a combination of driver and module (open source one for the xbox version and windows one for the kinect for windows). I don't get error. The first kinect launch works but no the second. Nothing appears on the second screen. I try to combine the two module but RR crash after few second.

I read in this book that you have to be very precaution we you code the multikinect.

Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide


There is a very good chapter about "Developing Applications Using Multiple Kinects" (Chapter 10)

It can be awesome if you can implement the multi sensor in the openni2 module. Especially, with the new sensor, the Structural sensor from Occipital which is announced to be compatible with the OpenNi2.


I working on multi-depth sensor for a specific project but the application are huge. And I want definitely continue to develop the different applications after the end of my internship. Also we already collaborate with a team of architect to use it in a robotic application.

Here is one sketch

Last question, which technique do you think is good to try to transfer in real-time the depth information to Rhino3d or Grasshoper ?

Thank you by advance for your answer and advice

Steven from United States  [1425 posts] 7 years

Its worth testing the latest changes to the OpenNI2 module which you can now select which sensor to use. Perhaps this allows you to use more than one Kinect at a time.

We were unable to test the multiple uses of this module since our Kinects will not register correctly on a single machine using the MS drivers. They work fine independently but will not work together regardless of the software used. We think this may either be a power or USB bus limitation on our hardware.

Maxime from United States  [4 posts] 7 years

Thank you very much this upgrade. It will simplify greatly my life. Moreover you implement the access to the highest quality of the video stream. That is great for the tracking of the fiducial.

I already try it. I succeed one to have two kinect in two instance of Roborealm. I can't for now succeed again. It is crashing or saying that it could initialize the stream.

Our problem is coming from that Kinect sensors require an individual USB Controller. You can simply check it is the case in Device Manager. I put a extract of a book in which explain it in detail.

I still experimenting meanwhile. Maybe in combining a Kinect for Windows and a Kinect for Xbox.

Thank you again.
Maxime from United States  [4 posts] 7 years
Apparently I can't post a pdf. Here is a zip.

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