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crop feature [2]
Hi, Is there a way to put the cropped processed image on top of the original image (just the white ...
7 years 3 1644
importing other robo files into the call module [3]
That's great. Thanks...
5 years 3 824
Bug in sample color module [3]
STeven, That's perfect. I was just thinking of requesting this type of functionality. Thanks....
4 years 3 1181
Cluster points testing [2]
Hi STeven, In the attached example, there is a cluster point that is forming where there is no blob...
6 years 3 1191
Training from an image
Hi, I was wondering if the AVM object recognition mode could be trained using still images instead ...
5 years 3 1303
connecting blob ends [3]
Ok Thanks....
5 years 3 1086
creating a bounding box over a blob group
Hi STeven, Is there a way to place a bounding box over a group of blobs?...
5 years 3 1172
reading values after time lapse [2]
How do i read a variable (exp COG_X) value at Time = 1second ago and compare this with the current value (Time = current)
7 years 3 2001
importing other robo files into the call module
Hi Steven, It would be interesting if one could import another robo file into a new call tab. This ...
5 years 3 824
Bug in sample color module
Hi STeven, There is a bug in the sample color module. Pls see the attached file. The confidence sho...
4 years 3 1181
looping another module within VB [2]
Hi STeven, Is it possible to loop another module for example the sample color module within a Do wh...
6 years 3 1356
Blob reduction [3]
STeven, Excellent. That's exactly what I needed....
5 years 3 1051
GPU processing [4]
Steven, Thanks for your response. I was wondering why the FPS was around 8 or less and almost 1seco...
7 years 3 1079
Nearest blob to refference line [3]
Hi STeven, Works great. Excellent job....
5 years 3 1121
timed variable [4]
STeven, I deleted the previous code so i'm not sure what went wrong. But the new code i wrote seem...
6 years 3 1991
running two robo files simultaneously [3]
Hi STeven, I initially intended to use the blob tracking module and assumed there could only be one...
5 years 3 1240
Blob reduction
Hi STeven In the image I attached, each blob is represented by at least 3 shades of grey (meaning t...
5 years 3 1051
GPU processing [2]
Does RR utilize the GPU co-processor (nvidia or AMD Fusion) or does the OS (windows) handle what is processed by the GPU?...
7 years 3 1079
Blob filtration based on logic [3]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the explanation. Excellent....
5 years 3 1204
similar blobs [4]
It does the search without a reference template. Each blob compares itself to other blobs to find the most similar blob to it wi...
6 years 3 1053

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