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Dawson from Malaysia  [173 posts]
7 years
Hi STeven,

Is it possible to have a feature where blobs can be analyzed to search for similar blobs. These "similar blobs" could then be grouped based on their distance to each other. For example finding the two most similar blobs (in terms of size, orientation, shape, color, etc.) that are the closest distance to each other. This would be a fantastic feature that would greatly increase the possibilities of what can be done with RR.
Anonymous 7 years
Do you have an example of this? Perhaps an image and a desired outcome?

We have a seen some need for similar grouping or classification but that is normally with regards to a know template, i.e. find blobs similar to one that I have selected as a template. Is that what you need?

Dawson from Malaysia  [173 posts] 7 years
It does the search without a reference template. Each blob compares itself to other blobs to find the most similar blob to it within a search window.

Probably the geometric statistics of each blob could be compared with all other blobs (within the search window) to produce a new variable array called "similarity" which indicates how similar it is to all other blobs.

The most similar blob pairs can then be isolated.

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