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Nearest blob to refference line [3]
Hi STeven, Works great. Excellent job....
7 years 3 1657
timed variable [4]
STeven, I deleted the previous code so i'm not sure what went wrong. But the new code i wrote seem...
8 years 3 2457
Blob reduction
Hi STeven In the image I attached, each blob is represented by at least 3 shades of grey (meaning t...
7 years 3 1536
GPU processing [2]
Does RR utilize the GPU co-processor (nvidia or AMD Fusion) or does the OS (windows) handle what is processed by the GPU?...
9 years 3 1340
Blob filtration based on logic [3]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the explanation. Excellent....
7 years 3 1730
similar blobs [4]
It does the search without a reference template. Each blob compares itself to other blobs to find the most similar blob to it wi...
8 years 3 1358
looping another module within VB [4]
I will use the color statistics module to get the blob color data. Thanks....
8 years 3 1588
creating a bounding box over a blob group [3]
Yes that will work. Thanks...
7 years 3 1703
Blob isolation [4]
I managed to do it using VB script....
9 years 3 1450
Conditional edge detection [4]
Yes that would work. Thanks...
8 years 3 1063
dilate bug [3]
Maybe it does work but its not showing as clearly as white mask....
8 years 3 2048
Bug in call module
Hi STeven, I think there is a bug in the call module. All the IF statements in the called tab gets ...
7 years 3 1009
Bug in call module [3]
OK great....
7 years 3 1009
Blob isolation [3]
I am currently setting a variable and using an if statement to check. The problem with this is that it is done after the blob fi...
9 years 3 1450
reading values after time lapse [4]
That's great thanks. I managed to use the SetTimedVariable feature to accomplish a similar effect....
9 years 3 2438
Nearest blob to refference line
Hi STeven, As an alternative to the nearest blob to a reference point, is it possible to find the n...
7 years 3 1657
Conditional edge detection [2]
Hi STeven, I have a question. For example applying a background removal blacks out some pixels. Ano...
8 years 3 1063
timed variable [2]
Hi STeven, Is there a limit to the number of timed variables that RR can handle? I noticed that cre...
8 years 3 2457
dilate bug [2]
Hi STeven The dilate does not seem to work after the treshold is set to fore mask. It only works in...
8 years 3 2048
Display text bug [2]
Hi, The display text does not show the text that i entered. Instead it shows "320*240".
9 years 2 2015

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