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Display text bug [2]
Hi, The display text does not show the text that i entered. Instead it shows "320*240".
7 years 2 1618
machine emulation [2]
Has anyone tried testing the performance of RR on QEMU emulation (x86 app running on ARM machine)?...
7 years 2 1116
Bug in nearest y
Hi STeven, When i put a variable, it keeps resetting to zero. The file is just an example....
4 years 2 1173
Problem playing MP4 [2]
Hi Steven, The following playback test was done on a Windows 7 system ...
6 years 2 1675
Blob filter bug [2]
Hi STeven I just downloaded ver 2.44.12. The blob filter is not working. Only one filter stays in t...
6 years 2 830
Problematic edge detection [2]
Hi Steven, I notice when i use the sobel edge detection on an image of any object for example a rec...
5 years 2 662
Full screen display text [2]
Hi STeven, I would like to use RR to only display between two text status in full screen. I don't ...
5 years 2 1103
Clearing recognition data
Hi, I would be great if there was a feature to clear the recognition data of the avm.dat file inste...
5 years 2 1273
Applying two filters [2]
In an effort to improve vision performance outdoors i have an idea to apply two filters on the color balanced image. The bottom ...
6 years 2 1287
Variable control for sobel edge detection [2]
Hi Steven, I find the option to adjust the sobel edge detection based on edge strength very useful....
5 years 2 819
Blob filtration based on logic
Hi STeven, Is it possible to filter blobs based on logic rather then priority? For example in the a...
5 years 3 1218
similar blobs [2]
Hi STeven, Is it possible to have a feature where blobs can be analyzed to search for similar blobs...
6 years 3 1063
looping another module within VB [3]
Or is there a way i can get the color data for a single pixel instead of an array for the whole image....
6 years 3 1364
running two robo files simultaneously
Hi STeven, I would like to run two robo files simultaneously. Both robo files are to use the same s...
5 years 3 1262
variable control feature [3]
Hi STeven, Great idea. Thanks....
5 years 3 1508
Blob isolation [2]
Is it possible to set the minimum blob size relative to its COG_X position. So as COG_X increases, the minimum acceptable blob s...
7 years 3 1219
crop feature [4]
Steven, Excellent. Thanks...
7 years 3 1660
Cluster points testing [4]
Excellent :)...
6 years 3 1211
connecting blob ends
Hi STeven, Is there a way to sharpen the blob ends so that the connect points module can connect th...
5 years 3 1099
Training from an image [3]
Sorry i was trying to solve the tracking problem. Please ignore this post....
5 years 3 1318

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