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Dawson from Malaysia  [173 posts]
9 years
Hi STeven,

Is there a limit to the number of timed variables that RR can handle? I noticed that creating more then one timed variable has no effect ie only the first timed variable works while any additional variables dont work.

I am trying to write a code such that if the beep was sounded within the last second dont sound the beep again. Any ideas how i could do this?
Anonymous 9 years

The timed variables can be a bit tricky to set correctly. If you have code that lead you to the limit conclusion please post here and we can have a look.

As for limiting the beep in the last second, just set a variable with the last time a beep was set and check that time before another beep. If you look in the If Statement module you will see timing comparisons done in there ... then within the if statement use a Set_Variable module to update the last time a beep was done. This would be the variable the If statement module checks.

Dawson from Malaysia  [173 posts] 9 years

I deleted the previous code so i'm not sure what went wrong. But the new code i wrote seems to be working. It was probably an oversight on my part. Thanks.

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