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about a new module [4]
thats great Steven getting the board in this saterday and got the camera in a few days ago,2.4 mhz with usb receiv...
10 years 3 1701
about the RPLIDAR [3]
Steven i sell neato lidars and the python is same as Rplidar so it should work will check in week o...
8 years 4 2013
about the I2C bus on the serializer board [3]
Steven have any ideas on this and the TPA81  variables and the list of TPA81 api commands...
12 years 10 6126
about the I2C bus on the serializer board [5]
ok thanks STEVEN will look into it,looking at building it this week...
12 years 10 6126
about the I2C bus on the serializer board [6]
Steven on using the I2C bus SetVariable "my_command", "i2c r 4 1" in a VBScript m...
12 years 10 6126
about the I2C bus on the serializer board [8]
thanks alot Steven,i didnt see that...
12 years 10 6126
AVM Navigator variables [8]
this might be a question for the navigator creator does different light levels (lux) or different types of lights ...
11 years 22 5814
about using many modules [4]
i think it does but lets i want to have object recognition,then later on want navigation module,then latter on ano...
11 years 4 2599
AVM Navigator variables [11]
it looks like it will take up resources and slow it down some,since LUX levels changes from room to room ,but mostly outside wil...
11 years 22 5814
about using the mcu communicator [4]
most laser units are more then twice that much $1000 or more ,also on many forums kinect is not that great for tracking,mostly o...
11 years 6 5013
AVM Navigator variables [13]
problem with that is i would need 2 types of camera,s one for faces witch works very well and one for navigation,with my design ...
11 years 22 5814
AVM Navigator variables [14]
also other problem using IR camera is you need a seperate interface to usb if you are using onboard pc ,or get IR ...
11 years 22 5814
Wrapper classes for reading variables from RR_API [2]
where are the c++ files...
12 years 2 1979
AVM Navigator variables [16]
then i finish testing sentisight,will be trying yours do you use color matching or just grayscale matching
11 years 22 5814
Webcsm with Zoom Facility [3]
some webcams do have zoom but not very good,and no code to use it in another program i been looking for one too fo...
12 years 10 5037
i have 2 projects for a board i just got, my problem Steven is this,can i use sonars using digital I/O PINS and AD...
11 years 5 4026
Webcsm with Zoom Facility [5]
Steven where did you see that info about controling zoom with software ,doesnt say in manual,i have one of HD camera's...
12 years 10 5037
Webcsm with Zoom Facility [6]
mostly all logitech and others you can use the software to control zoom but not with a outside source or C++ code,...
12 years 10 5037
Generic HID driver and USB-UIRT [4]
Steven,where is usb-uirt module,i cant find it...
13 years 5 3616
is there a module to detect color in a object [3]
Steven i guess i found the module colour statistics,and i think i need (if statement) module to average out the co...
12 years 2 1442

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