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about the sparkfun arduino board [2]
about the sparkfun uno arduino board,i have 2 questions about it ,will the code work for the new version with UNO R3 IT USES THE...
6 years 5 1436
about using many modules [2]
looking at using a few modules and making robo files how do  i use like follow red object,then irobot ro...
7 years 4 1700
about using the mcu communicator [2]
looking to use the communicator for a atmel AT91SAM9XE128-QU its the one on NEATO XV -11 robot to control on-board...
7 years 6 3370
about using the roboard [2]
it has 1ghz processor and 256mg of ram and you said roborealm needs 2ghz 64mb ram min Memory - 64Meg...
7 years 5 2409
can roborealm connect to srv-1 camera [2]
thinking of buying the SRV-1 camera for my robot projects and wanted to know can it be hook up without  the surveyor r...
10 years 2 994
is there a module to detect color in a object [2]
Steven is there a module to detect color in a object,like in my LEAF  robot project,(LEAF what color is this )...
8 years 2 923
module on I2C  buss [2]
Steven is there a module for reading I2C ,like TPA81 heat sensor or do you have any plans soon...
8 years 5 1473
problem in api using loadprogram in lisp [2]
this is my script (defun followredobject()   (loadprogram "c:\\\\program files\\\\roborea...
8 years 4 1168
using a axon microcontroller [2]
i heard from another forum that you might have a interface to the axon microcontroller,do you know  when that will be ...
10 years 4 2336
what happen about the interface to EZ-ROBOT BOARD [2]
Steven what happen about adding the EZ-ROBOT BOARD TO ROBOREALM...
5 years 3 1037
what will EZ-ROBOT module come out [2]
Steven when will the EZ-ROBOT board interface come out its a great board for robotics ,uses bluetooth or usb-ttl i...
6 years 7 1171

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