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Parallax USB Servo Controller
Hello Everyone,          Hi i need some healp with program...
14 year 1 1847
No Title
Hi, I have noticed that roborealm can control the pan tilt function on the Logitech Oribit...
15 year 1 2224
Robotix2010 @ IIT Kharagpur
Technology Robotix Society invites all robot enthusiasts to ROBOTiX2010 ROBOTiX is As...
13 year 1 1518
If block poblem
I don't whether its a bug or what... I've attached the screenshot or RR... As you would see from the image, the value of INIT...
14 year 1 1671
how to set up motion detection for DC usb Missile Launcher
i am a total Newbie when it comes to programing and was wondering if there was anyone out there who had already figured...
15 year 1 2103
No Title
i really thank u 2 mush about your replay and your help but i forget 2 tell u that i use wireless radio control and i do...
15 year 1 2899
Re Roborealm and leaf
Hi guys, quick question regarding roborealm and leaf robots. I have built a leaf robot who is now running, my main question is h...
13 year 1 1972
Use RR from LabWindows
Hi, I saw that's possible use RR from my own program through API! My question is: Is possible use...
13 year 1 1879
Version Check
Hi i have a request that i think would help every one, Roborealm is a fantastic program an is updating in a fast pace.
14 year 1 1823
IP cam and more 3d/range issues
Is it possible to connect livestreams form cameras already on the net to RR? I can't find any references...
16 year 1 2460
Eyeball tracking
Hi , i m studying in Msc (Computer science). Can any one please suggest me topics for my final year project. Domai...
12 year 1 1604
Visually Guided Reaching and Grasping
Hello, I thought some of you might be interested in a recent video I made of my robot tracking two...
13 year 1 1668
setParameter for ButtonInterface
I am having trouble implementing a dynamic button interface. I have an array of values that correspond to csv files that are loa...
13 year 1 2154
Help with creating a program
I am just learning how to use LEGO mindstorms. I am trying to keep my robot in a black circle until it sees red. When it sees bl...
13 year 1 1549
Control of electron-multiplying gain in EMCCD cameras
An Electron-Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) uses an electron multiplying structure built into the sensor to obtain high sensitiv...
15 year 1 1806
Measure distance and direction traveled with vision
I am creating an outdoor robot and would like to use optical flow to determine the distance and direction my robot is tr...
15 year 1 1740
minor fix for Logitech Orbit help file
I picked up a Logitech Orbit for $45 on Friday.  In working through the tutorial file I found that the logic o...
16 year 1 2285
Recognise Starting Numbers
For a school project, I'am trying to filter out starting numbers of photographs. After I f...
16 year 1 2357
How i use in roboreal mi RF04 and CM02 modules
I have wireless modules RF04 (usb transceiver) and CM02 (transceiver I2C) conected in my hexapode robot, but i cant send...
15 year 1 2033
Is FPGA the board for stand alone device
Hi i just wanted to know in the tutorial were the robot tracked the green ball you had a s...
15 year 1 1815

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