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Paul D from Canada  [45 posts]
12 years
I am having trouble implementing a dynamic button interface. I have an array of values that correspond to csv files that are loaded using READ_VARIABLES.   I want to loop through the array and set the buttons vertically. The results are unpredictable. Some settings like name, color, height, toggle_group are not set for all buttons. Sometimes the screen flashes repeatedly  

Are there limitations to setParameter? I have tried adding a delay between each setParameter statement using sleep and msgBox but it does not help.

Am I simply better off integrating an IE html form to provide this control?

The vbScript module does all the work:

v_jobs = "A,B,C,D,E,F,G"

  ar_jobs = split(v_jobs, ",")
  setParameter "BUTTON_INTERFACE", 1, "dialog_width", 160
  setParameter "BUTTON_INTERFACE", 1, "dialog_height", ubound(ar_jobs)*50+90
  setParameter "BUTTON_INTERFACE", 1, "dialog_x", 70
  setParameter "BUTTON_INTERFACE", 1, "dialog_y", 20
  for x = 0 to ubound(ar_jobs)
    setButton x, ar_jobs(x)

sub setButton (b,n)
     vx = cstr(b+1)
     setBut vx&"_name", n
     setBut vx&"_height", 46
     setBut vx&"_width", 110
     setBut vx&"_x_position", 20
     setBut vx&"_y_position", 6+(b*50)
     setBut vx&"_color", "#330099"
     setBut vx&"_text_color", "#FFFFFF"
     setBut vx&"_is_toggle", "TRUE"
     setBut vx&"_toggle_group", "ALL"
     setBut vx&"_clear_on_release", "FALSE"
     setBut vx&"_variable_name", "V_CSV_X"
     setBut vx&"_variable_value", b
end sub

sub setBut (p, v)
  setParameter "BUTTON_INTERFACE", 1, p, v
  'write p&":"&v&"|"
end sub

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