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Read_HTTP, Write_Images shutdown
I created a simple program that uses one Read_HTTP module to read a 293 by 240 pixel .jpg image from my wife's website every 45...
14 years 1 1587
Font sizes
Thank you for the larger fonts in the most recent downlaod. I had replaced Verdana 12 with a home-b...
13 years 1 1886
system that follows a real glider performing aerobatics
Hello, totally new to RoboRealm. I found you on ...
11 years 1 1257
Recognition led sequences
I downloaded the Roborealm demo last week. I have to record with a webcam the led sequences that identify errors in an electrica...
11 years 1 1408
No Title
i really thank u 2 mush about your replay and your help but i forget 2 tell u that i use wireless radio control and i do...
15 years 1 2797
object tracking with Parallel Port control without servo motors
thank u again for your replay but try to undertsand what i need sorry for my spelling but i do not have servo motors lik...
15 years 1 3620
Robots' Intellect 2012
Dear colleagues, We are writing you on behalf of Student Science Association of Kaunas University o...
10 years 1 1276
No Title
Including the picture in jpg
15 years 1 2925
Polulu mini maestro compass
Hi, I am new at this and have a question. I am making an ROV and am going to use roborealm to drive the servos ect via polulu mi...
10 years 1 1362
Something new about ardrone? Can't wait for roborealm connectet to this flying cam :-)...
11 years 1 1768
Kinect Noise
The Kinect depth map is very noisy, making it very hard to try and do motion tracking. Is there some way to filter this noise al...
10 years 1 1324
No Title
How do I use and process images from the simulated webcam in MSRS? What I want to do is shi...
15 years 1 2249
Structured Light Patterns?
I am building a 3d laser and white light scanner and was wanting to know if anyone can tell me how to get 3d structured light pa...
14 years 1 1834
Looking for help with vision
Hi, i posted that kind of question before but here i go again. I do exhibit-technique, machinery an...
11 years 1 1387
Ar drone-RR
Hi Steven , Any news from parrot ? the SDK 1.7 is released for a while . thanks Dotan...
10 years 1 1691
~ Free Robotic Resource ~
Offer Many free Robotic Reference, you will like it if you are a robotic fan: ...
11 years 1 1973
Roborealm and MRDS VPL
Roborealm version I just cannot find how to get COG_X and COG_Y from the VPL in MRDS. I rea...
12 years 1 1596
Looking for a partner
Hi! I am looking for a talented, AI, streaming video analysis and mechatronic skilled person to take part in proje...
14 years 1 1665
iRobot Roomba Sensor Reading
I am using the Roomba module provided RoboRealm along with the VB scripting module and having trouble reading sensor values. Som...
14 years 1 1770
No Title
Hi STeven & NairB I was at NairB's cam just a little bit ago and still the same thing .42 fps, 30K...
14 years 1 2250

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