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Frame Rate Limit
I'm curious if the frame rate is always limited to 13FPS on a fresh load of RR or is this just because I'm still using...
15 years 1 2519
Real Time image processing with VB express
Hi, I've been trying to figure out a way to use a real time feed of the processed video (the one Roboreal...
15 years 1 2626
TUIO Support
Hi, I would like to use RR for my multitouch screen, but in fact, it would be great if RR could sen...
14 years 1 1645
LED for surveyor SRV-1
I would want to know like connecting a led in order to illuminate surveyor srv-1 with the software roborealm the outline...
15 years 1 1837
WiFi ServoContoller
Hello everyone I'm working in Switzerland on a little robot which is controlled with Endurance Ser...
11 years 1 1427
Blob Filtering and finding COG of each blob individually
So Basically, i have narrowed down the code to show different blobs... but not i want the COG coordinates for each...
11 years 1 1464
Robo Claw 2x24 motor controller
I have a Sabertooth 2x24 and 2x50 motor drivers which work well with the Dimension Engineering/Sabertooth module. ...
11 years 1 1948
detecting multiple balls with different colour
Hi: I'm trying to make a score keeping system for snooker. I'll need my system to detect different coloured ball...
10 years 1 1484
~ Free Robotic Resource ~
Offer Many free Robotic Reference, you will like it if you are a robotic fan: ...
11 years 1 1973
GPS Waypoints
Is there an easy way to integrate GPS into my project?  I am pretty new to programming VB.  I want to use th...
11 years 1 1437
Using RoboRealm in the JAUS Universal Remote Control Interface
Has anyone created a JAUS Universal Remote Control driver for RoboRealm? I'm wanting to control mu...
11 years 1 1508
Hokuyo URG Laser
Hello Everyone, I have a Hokuyo URG laser sensor (-04LX-UG01), I would like to connect the device to my laptop(Win...
11 years 1 1483
Inconsistency in getVariable results
Hi, I have been observing an inconsistency in results obtained from the getVariable method.
11 years 1 1622
No Title
Including the picture in jpg
15 years 1 2925
system that follows a real glider performing aerobatics
Hello, totally new to RoboRealm. I found you on ...
11 years 1 1257
Hi Steve! I tried the program that you sent but it did not work. I even tried to upgrade to the lat...
11 years 1 1270
No Title
i really thank u 2 mush about your replay and your help but i forget 2 tell u that i use wireless radio control and i do...
15 years 1 2797
How can a moving cam objectively determine others movements?
I'm still new to roborealm but I've been wondering for a while. if i have a camera put on a rotating servo, and rotate the ser...
11 years 1 1371
object tracking with Parallel Port control without servo motors
thank u again for your replay but try to undertsand what i need sorry for my spelling but i do not have servo motors lik...
15 years 1 3620
Media Reader Keep looping!
Hi, I have RR 2.41.0 and media_reader keeps looping the files even when Loop Playback is unchecked....
11 years 1 2344

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