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ambitious/absured 3D manipulation project
Dear RoboRealm community and the totally awesome dude STeven, I want to build a robot and vision sy...
12 years 1 1670
help me for(time and date)
hi.i have a problem with time,i want to have time and date as variable,i can show them on my screen but cant get them from robor...
11 years 1 1368
No Title
Hi, I have noticed that roborealm can control the pan tilt function on the Logitech Oribit...
15 years 1 2106
Structured Light Patterns?
I am building a 3d laser and white light scanner and was wanting to know if anyone can tell me how to get 3d structured light pa...
14 years 1 1834
Looking for a partner
Hi! I am looking for a talented, AI, streaming video analysis and mechatronic skilled person to take part in proje...
14 years 1 1665
Eco-Motion with RR
Hey Steven I have been researching motion detection / tracking, while the camera als...
14 years 1 1718
connection between Serial Comm & VBScript
Hi i'm using BrainStem controller and trying to build a pan-tilt webCam. how can i d...
14 years 1 1619
Metadata from an image
Is there any existing technique, function, etc, that helps extract metadata from an image? For example, lets say an image of a c...
14 years 1 1679
No Title
The Microsoft Speech 5.0 is no longer availible is there anyother way to get input?...
14 years 1 2655
red tracking servo controller
so i was wondering how you would modify the red tracking orbit camera vbs so it would work on a parallax servo controller...
14 years 1 1812
Parallax USB Servo Controller
Hello Everyone,          Hi i need some healp with program...
14 years 1 1740
Parallel Port Stepper Control
It seems like I'm not seeing all the parallel port bits in the drop down list. The board I'm usin...
14 years 1 1888
No Title
Including the picture in jpg
15 years 1 2925
visual odometry
Hello, Is the visual odometry  module still...
14 years 1 1736
distributor_server question
When I set up a distributor server/client connection with another PC over internet (broadband), the video feed seems to struggle...
14 years 1 1602
about controlling logitech orbit
hi all. i have already tried an example code which allows me step-wise pan/tilt only. is th...
15 years 1 2291
Distributed server/client question
Hello, I am running RoboRealm on a mobile robot whose brain is a mini-itx single board comp...
14 years 1 1594
LED for surveyor SRV-1
I would want to know like connecting a led in order to illuminate surveyor srv-1 with the software roborealm the outline...
15 years 1 1837
Interfaces for robomagellan
Multiple questions related to organizing a robomagellan type design What are people doing for inter...
13 years 1 1871
how can i use a DAQ card to read analog voltage with roborealm?...
14 years 1 1615

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