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Real Time image processing with VB express
Hi, I've been trying to figure out a way to use a real time feed of the processed video (the one Roboreal...
17 year 1 2896
FTP_Image module enhancement
Issue: Currently if the module encounters a connection problem a error dialog is generated. The dialog has an 'Ok...
15 year 1 2222
No Title
Hi, I have noticed that roborealm can control the pan tilt function on the Logitech Oribit...
16 year 1 2418
Parameter of MSRS to RoboRealm
I want to ask... how can I know which parameter (or program?)  to pass from MSRS to RoboRealm?
16 year 1 1769
The download link
17 year 1 2782
dose api need make thread?
Hi,       It is still not to use create blob arrays in blob filter with socket exte...
15 year 1 1843
Motion Detection?
Hi guys, I'm looking for a small motion detector - like a IR diode (size wise) that could...
16 year 1 2027
zip file with built rrmodule
Hope this helps Thanks Alan ...
16 year 1 2616
Arrow position
Hello all, I'm trying to use rr to detect the arrows position on the target like in the image attached.
16 year 1 2484
Set keys and Joystick
Is there a way to make RR set keys or create a joystick? I have use a pvc tube whit blue borders so...
16 year 1 2000
how to set up motion detection for DC usb Missile Launcher
i am a total Newbie when it comes to programing and was wondering if there was anyone out there who had already figured...
16 year 1 2262
iRobot Roomba Sensor Reading
I am using the Roomba module provided RoboRealm along with the VB scripting module and having trouble reading sensor values. Som...
15 year 1 1985
Add another vote for an OCR module...
Add one more vote for another OCR module - that would be a great mod (particularly if you can train it)... TJ...
16 year 1 2114
RobotC firmware support in LEGO NXT Module
     Hello that so, a greeting for all the users of RoboRealm, only I wanted to raise...
17 year 1 3939
Display a text/label
Hi all! I was wondering : Is it possible to display a label or a text variable on the image, just t...
16 year 1 2074
Blobs ID
Hi, I'm trying for a while to get unique ID for each blob detected by the blob_filter. I tried the...
16 year 1 2420
Bitmap Blob Filter
Hi, I am having trouble with the bitmap blob filter.  I have three images to help: 1st - t...
15 year 1 2576
Metadata from an image
Is there any existing technique, function, etc, that helps extract metadata from an image? For example, lets say an image of a c...
15 year 1 1924
Thanks for the Align Histogram module!
Hey STeven, Congrats on releasing the new Align_Histogram module--and thanks!  This is go...
14 year 1 3522
Just thought id give another suggestion for use of this software... http://www.pages.drexel...
17 year 1 2836

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