Write Images

The Write Images component allows you save the processed image stream to separate jpeg image files. The files can then be used by other display or processing programs.



1. Image To Save - Specify which image to save.

Source - the original image that was initially loaded or captured into RoboRealm
Current - the currently processed image within RoboRealm
Last - the last image processed by RoboRealm
CameraX - a list of attached and active USB camera devices
MarkerX - a list of created marker images using the Marker module.

The Marker labels represent images at the time markers were created. If you wish to process the image at a certain point within the image processing pipeline create a marker at that point. The marker will then be included in the dropdown image list.

2. Write to Filename - Specify the base filename to save the images to. For example if you specify c:\temp\image.jpg then the first image will be called c:\temp\image1.jpg, the second will be c:\temp\image2.jpg, etc. This can also be a variable of the form [my_variable] where my_variable is a variable that contains a fully qualified filename (see Notes below).

2. Options / Create Folder - if the folder doesn't exist it will be created if selected.

3. Options / Silent Errors - to avoid stopping the processing due to an error select the Silent Error checkbox. This will prevent popup errors from happening.

4. Options / Jpeg Quality - if saving Jpeg images specify the quality to use. Default is superb. The lower quality settings will results in more artifacts within the image but result in much better compression (i.e. smaller file size).

5. Options / TIFF Compression - if saving TIFF images specify the type of compression to use within the TIFF file. The default LZW provides the good compression with standard usage, while the Jpeg option provides the best compression but may not work with some image editing/loading applications.

6. Image Numbering - If you want the first image to be c:\temp\image10.jpg then specify the "Start numbering from" to the appropriate value.


To stop the recording you have two options. You can limit to a set number of frames and/or stop after a set amount of time (whichever comes first).

To start generating frames press ‘Start’. You can also manually stop the recording by pressing ‘Stop’.

Note that any recording will terminate if less than 20 Megs are available on your hard disk to prevent the computer from running out of disk space.

You can also create a custom filename using one of the scripting modules like VBScript. For example using [my_variable] in place of a filename and :

rr.SetVariable "my_filename", "c:\\temp\\my_image" & (rr.GetVariable("image_count") mod 1000 )  & ".jpg"
would cause the images to overwrite each other every 1000 images. This is useful for logging images but preventing too much diskspace from being used.


d = Now()
stamp = Month(d) & "_" & Day(d) & "_" & Hour(d) &"_" & Minute(d)
SetVariable "my_filename", "c:\temp\image_log_" & stamp & ".jpg"
will create a variable my_filename as
which is a unique filename for Nov 8th, at 3:38pm. This will change every minute to a different filename. Using a variable as a filename and a bit of programming one can create any filename needed.

See Also

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