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The Scale module will scale an image by a percent factor or to a specified size. You can use this module to reduce or enlarge an image within the processing pipeline. Reducing an image can help to speed up the processing frame rate by reducing the amount of data to be processed. However, this is best achieved by changing the image capture format size in the OPTIONS button in the main RoboRealm dialog. Doing so causes the camera driver to scale down the image and send less data. This causes the frame rate to go up significantly.



1. Pixel Size / Percentage - Select the final width and height size as a percent or actual pixel size that you want to scale the image to. This can be smaller or larger than 100% or the current image size.

2. Options - Select the scaling technique to be used.

Resample - A single pixel value is used to represent scale change. Fastest and sharpest result but worst representation since only 1 pixel is used.
Pixel resize - Multiple pixels values are used to represent scale change. Faster and sharper than Bilinear, more representative than Resample but can still cause jaggered edges on high contrast lines.
Bilinear - Uses linear interpolation to determine the actual resulting pixel values. This technique is slower but will create smoother more pleasing results.

3. Other - While editing either the pixel size or percent size the module will adjust the width and height to keep the same aspect ratio. To remove this restriction uncheck the "Maintain Aspect Ratio" checkbox.


OriginalScaled to 160x120

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